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Wed, Nov. 20

Column: How health reform has hit McDonald's

BEVERLY HILLS - God bless America, and how's everybody?

The White House faced a nationwide drive to repeal the health care reform law Wednesday. There's a lot of hostility. McDonald's now offers an Obama Special, you order whatever you want and the three people in line behind you pay for it.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell met Ben Roethlisberger on Monday after a Georgia district attorney refused to prosecute a rape claim made by a sorority girl. The girl faced an embarrassing trial. It's a felony in Georgia to say no to a quarterback.

Sarah Palin's contract for a speaking gig required that her hotel room have two bottles of water and a bendable straw. A bendable straw is essential. If anyone ever gets a photo of her with a straw going up her nose, her political career is over in the Red States.

President Obama banned the press from his Nuclear Security Summit in Washington Tuesday. Network news reporters declared the summit a success even though none of them were allowed inside. The White House press room is now king of all parrot jokes.

GOP Congressman Ron Paul stunned the political world Wednesday by pulling even with President Obama in a hypothetical election match-up for 2012. The Texas gynecologist is a political phenomenon. The Republicans are back in the saddle again.

Oprah Winfrey's biography by Kitty Kelley hit the bookstores Monday. It details her sexual adventures with family, schoolmates, johns, TV reporters, black women, white men, white women and black men. Is there any wonder it was reported in Variety?

Neil Armstrong expressed outrage Tuesday when Barack Obama scrapped NASA space flights. We'll have to hitch rides with the Russians. With the election of America's first black president comes the perception of the moon as just another all-white golf club.

President Obama lectured Virginians for naming April Confederate History Month without mentioning slavery. It didn't have to happen. Slavery would have been peacefully and quietly replaced but the citizens of South Carolina refused to learn to speak Spanish.

Michelle Obama flew to Mexico City Tuesday to discuss anti-drug programs. They work so well in our own country. The demand for drugs is so high in America that Mexico's farmers have to come to our national forests just to find enough arable land.

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