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Mon, June 17

Column: New Tiger ad is like the old days with Dad

Argus Hamilton

Argus Hamilton

HOLLYWOOD - God bless America, and how's everybody?

Tiger Woods was in a Nike ad Sunday in which the voice of his late father asks him if he's learned anything. His dad was a womanizer, too. One of Tiger's earliest childhood memories is when he and his dad used to go fishing together at Hooters.

Augusta National chairman Billy Payne reminded the news media Thursday that the Masters doesn't rely on TV ratings. It doesn't affect the club members one way or another whether Tiger's playing. The sport of drinking is bigger than any one athlete.

The Washington Redskins welcomed veteran quarterback Donovan McNabb on Tuesday to the team's headquarters in Maryland. His new deal will include a huge bonus. It's not clear what he's done to deserve the bonus, he hasn't run one bank into the ground.

Virginia's governor apologized Thursday for forgetting to mention slavery when he declared April to be Confederate History Month. Having slaves do all the farm work was inexcusable by today's standards. They had illegal aliens right across the river.

The Labor Department said Monday women are still paid 78 percent of what men make. For every hundred dollars that a congressman makes, a hooker makes only 78 dollars. This violates the law requiring equal pay for equal work.

Iran President Ahmadinejad remained defiant in the face of threatened U.S. sanctions. He said the American president is a nuclear-armed cowboy. Since they started censoring the Internet they're always two years behind on the news.

President Obama was chided by Parliament for ignoring the U.S.-British Special Relationship. The disdain is mutual. On his first day in office Obama returned a bust of Churchill, then Britain retaliated by shutting off Kenya's water and power.


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