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Mon, June 24

Letter: Letting dog run loose isn't doing God's work


As an avid hiker, I've come to know the likes of the writer of the Sept. 15 letter about keeping dogs on leash.

Our trails are clearly marked with signs stating that all pets must be on leash! Right next to that sign are dispensers of plastic bags so that pet owners can pick up their animal's droppings. This couple still thinks they are above the law. No one is above the law.

They wanted to let their dogs run, uncontrolled, so they wouldn't have to pick up after their pets! They are polluters of the environment. People of their ilk think that someone else should clean up after them! Trying to make sound as if they were doing God's work was disgusting!

You may be retired, but not from the human race! They got caught this time, but how many times did they get away with it? They admittedly wait until no one is around! The sheriff's deputy should have given them each a pair of rubber gloves and a plastic garbage bag and told them to clean up all the droppings on the trail for a mile or so. I doubt if it would do any good, after all their "On a mission" doing God's work!



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