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Sat, Aug. 24

The voices are in on the new mayor

Stats, stats, I've got stats for you:

For the week of Aug. 23-29, our most accessed article was UPDATE: Police investigating Prescott Valley resident's 'suspicious' death. Four of our top five most popular stories in fact - 2) Police recover stolen vehicle at roll-over accident, 3) Prescott couple pleads guilty to felony embezzlement charges, 5) Cops rule out homicide in Prescott Valley investigation - were criminal in nature.

You know, we do have nice stories, too. Sickos.

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Democracy is the only system that persists in asking the powers that be whether they are the powers that ought to be. ~ Sydney J. Harris.

The City of Prescott has a new mayor. Marlin Kuykendall unseated one-term incumbent Jack Wilson by a wide margin in Tuesday night's city primary. Congrats to the new mayor, and what a doozy we have shaping up for a council race that will go to a November run-off (none of the three seats are decided yet).

With unemployment up 2.5 percent since 2007, the new leadership faces a critical new term. Now if they could just do something about getting us some rain.

Here's the chatter on Kuykendall unseats incumbent Wilson:

Hey, Natives Rule: "You'd be pretty ruined if we all left. You represent that "native" wing that says, "Come buy a new house to keep our construction boom going, and move into Everybody's Hometown. And then shut up."

Ouch. Apt, but ouch.

Ignore the bloggerheads: "So the Courier says: "And despite negative reader comments about the tax extension on the Daily Courier's website, Norwood maintained those detractors represented a 'vocal minority that is anti-streets.'" Why is it that the Courier reporters and editors always seem so surprised when results turn out differently from what the bloggerheads post on these articles. Like Norwood said, the bloggerheads that post consistently on articles are 99% negative and love to complain and read their own writing. Happens both here and in PV. I believe more and more that receiving multiple negative commentary on newspaper stories is becoming a competitive issue and badge of honor for reporters and editors. It makes me question whether what is written in these articles is accurate or are the stories written simply to generate controversial comments?"

Wow. Where to start? Point taken about an over-statement of the article commenters. Cindy's was more of an observation than an indictment of any community jury, but I can see how you might have concluded otherwise. And politically, I hardly would limit the Prescott population that thrives on a steady diet of complaints and negativity to a few Internet bloggerheads. As an editor of reporters myself, the last thing we consider negative commentary about current events is a badge with any honor. The basic truth is that Internet culture sparks instant (and often impulsive) dialogue. Again, I can see how you might have drawn your conclusion (though the comment's intent was different), but don't blame us for a cranky and negative demographic that reflects a real segment of the community - a segment that went to the polls Tuesday night.

Stupid is, as stupid does: "60% of local voters would probably vote for Dubya again, too."

No one, politician or otherwise, deserves having a 'Dubya' anchor tied to their ankle. I'm calling foul on that.

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I want to send a what-what out to Ralph John Simmons. Ralph needs some encouragement. I'm a sucker for cries for help. He blogged on Letter: Obama care would have killed reader:

"Hey TO: Birther T. Bagur - who said I didn't have health problems? I have many. I also have more insurance than needed; but refuse to use it for my care as I have little or no trust in these doctors who are money grubbing drug pushers who could care less about the ones they "treat." I'm only 60 and wouldn't fight to stay alive in this cesspool world of ours; but rather go home to the Lord where there are no more pain, tears, death! My health could be crippling me if it weren't for God's healing power in my life! (Not A Republican!)"

Ralph please. Get a grip brother. Never give up a fight to stay alive. And what's with "this cesspool world of ours" talk? You bring the big man into this (the Big G), but it sounds like those healing powers need some Botox. Come on man. We're here with you. Take it easy. Take a walk. Take a nap. Listen to some Allman Brothers. Feel better.

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If you're into the eclectically cosmic side of music and musicians, check out Fishtank Ensemble this Friday night at the Raven downtown. Show starts at 8 p.m.

My review of their latest album is right here .

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