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2:28 AM Thu, Jan. 17th

Letter: Insurance companies playing 'keep-away'


Recently on "60 Minutes" we heard about consumer fraud in the Medicare program. When will someone take notice and do something about the "claim games" and the flagrant bad faith practices of health insurance companies that are so prevalent?

Over the past two years I have experienced unreasonable withholding or delay of payment of my benefits on several occasions. The claim process is a nightmare for my doctor and for me.

The reasons for withholding coverage are so ridiculous, one would have to wonder if insurance companies are purposely delaying and withholding payment in hopes that the insured eventually will give up and pay the claim himself.

It is very difficult to find a primary care doctor in Prescott who will take Medicare patients. How long do you think doctors will continue to put up with claim hassles before they start refusing to take patients whose health insurance is with a company that acts in bad faith? This has already happened to me.

I know that I am not the only one experiencing this problem. Is anyone going to hold these insurance companies accountable? Where are the advocates? When is this "claim game" going to stop?

The public option that Congress is trying to force on us is looking better.

Lillian Pence