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Tue, Jan. 28

Letter: Amster doesn't tell tax-and-spend story


Randall Amster made some interesting points in his March 2 column, but I guess I came to different conclusions than he did. Since no Republican legislators were invited or attended to present their side at this meeting, it seems that the Courier's characterization was probably more accurate than Amster's.

Just because someone identifies himself as a "conservative" at a one-sided, left-leaning meeting does not mean that they really are conservative.

It is hardly surprising that educators, social workers and health care providers would be against budget cuts since it is their ox that is getting gored after years of entitlements. (By the way, am I the only one that sees that the solution to poor test scores in public schools is not to keep throwing money at the problem like both political parties do, but to demand more discipline in the classrooms and to get rid of top- heavy administrators who refuse to back the teachers in the classrooms?)

As for people who are "willing to pay more taxes if it goes for a good cause," nothing precludes them from donating to whatever

good cause they deem worthy. But it should bethose individuals' decisions, not that of some faceless bureaucrat. Government's job is to provide for the public safety and help facilitate commerce, not provide funds for any and every charity.

Lastly, what Amster calls the "slash and burn" policies of the current legislature and governor are a direct result of the "tax and spend" policies of the legislature and governor of the previous four years.

R. F. "Buz" Williams


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