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Tue, July 16

Letter: Process servers have legitimate role to play


After reading the T.M. Shultz article on process servers, I was appalled with the online responses that included everything from threats to shoot servers to misinformation from people who think they know the law. Most of those writing clearly hate process servers who do a thankless but necessary job.

Process servers in Arizona must pass stringent tests as well as an extensive background check including fingerprinting. They receive a court ID and are officers of the court. A server must show his or her ID on request. They do not wear uniforms or drive marked cars, nor do many constables or civil sheriff's deputies, because many people would not answer the door.

Under Arizona law, process servers may enter private property, even if it is posted "No Trespassing." They cannot enter a residence uninvited, nor can they remain on the property after the occupant asks them to leave.

Process servers can serve the papers by leaving them on the ground or doorstep. If a party will not open the door or avoids service, the server tells the court and the judge orders an alternate means of service. The papers get taped to the door or front gate for the entire world to see.

Many posters think servers have no merit in society. Without process servers, if a drunk ran over your child in a crosswalk, don't plan on any payment for the medical bills. If you are a woman with three children and your husband abandons you, don't plan on getting child support, let alone a divorce so you can move on with your life.

Don't shoot the messengers who bring the bad news. Most people knew it was coming anyway. Just take the papers and act like the decent folks you really are.

Robert Palmer



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