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Thu, Feb. 20

Being 16 doesn't buy automatic driver's license

Dear Jan:

I am a 16-year-old girl and I want to get my driver's license. I have taken driver's education and completed all there is to do but my parents are not willing to put me on their insurance because it will raise the monthly cost.

They tell me in order for me to get my license I need to get a part-time job and help pay the insurance. I don't think that is fair. After all, being 16 is part of being a kid.

If I have to go to school and then work, there will be no time to hang out with my friends. I think my parents are selfish and unreasonable. What can I do to get them to change?

Signed, No License

Dear No License:

Your parents are trying to teach you some responsibility and that is a very good thing.

It takes more than having 16 birthdays to be mature enough to have a driver's license. Maturity is a big part of being old enough to drive responsibly.

Get a part-time job, take responsibility and pay your own car insurance. You will feel good about yourself if you do.

Signed, Jan

Dear Jan:

I get the strangest feeling that my boyfriend and my best girl friend are attracted to each other.

My friend actually flirts with my boyfriend and he loves it. They laugh about it and say it is harmless, but it is making me so angry I can't stand it. Do you think I should break off with my boyfriend? Or dump my best girlfriend? I can't decide.

Signed, Fed Up

Dear Fed Up:

I have a flash for you. You should dump them both. Your best friend is not your friend, and your boyfriend would cheat on you in a New York minute. Find a new best friend, and someday, get a new boyfriend. Take your time. But don't let them make a fool of you any longer.

Signed, Jan

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