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Sun, Aug. 18

Letter: Public employee has same woes as you


I have worked for the State of Arizona, DES, for the past 22 years and will retire soon. Government offices are comprised of ordinary people like you and me. We vote, complain, worry about the economy, bleed like everyone else, have bills and worry about getting laid off.

Most people assume government employees make a lot of money. We don't. The state has not given us a raise in a couple of years; our raises depend on the legislature. Most of our department money goes to our clients. The state does not give out merit raises or cost of living raises like other government agencies.

Our department has hard-working employees from the local office manager on down to the support staff. They have to put up with clients who swear at them and refuse to provide the necessary information for a correct determination on their case; they expect everyone to get this information for them.

At last count our department had 4,000 clients and the number is increasing everyday because of the economy. But the department does not get more workers to accomplish this. We just laid off two people in our department with a possibility of more.

Most of our workers interview an average of seven people a day. For example, with nine people interviewing, that equals 315 people a week. It takes one hour to work up if they are lucky.

When state employees retire they get 43 percent of their wages. If they make $2,000 a month, they get $860 a month. No wonder so many workers are going back to work.

Our workers are not wasteful with their supplies; they are like teachers, they buy some supplies out of their own pockets.

Remember, government workers are just like you hard-working individuals.

Linda Staten



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