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Sun, Dec. 15

Letter: Business tax breaks didn't solve problems


Recent history shows us that tax breaks for businesses and the rich have not filtered down to Main Street. Many of the beneficiaries of tax cuts just got greedy! Thus, "Reaganomics" should be buried next to Ronald Regan.

As our unattended economy took years to get in the shape it's in, we won't fix our economy over night, no matter what we do!

So, let's get back to making jobs our number one priority (as they were for President Bush eight years ago ... before he lost focus in Iraq).

American jobs, whether starting today, tomorrow, next month or next year, will all help our economy recover and become healthy, so we're all better off over time. With good jobs, we the people will buy houses, put money into banks and buy stock in the Wall Street markets ... and voila ... the economy will be humming along again without direct government intervention into the economic sector. Many older folk remember the Hippies saying "Power to the people"! It is time, again.

While no one was minding the store, too many jobs went over seas during this past Administration and the one before! Thus, all in Washington D.C. (both parties) need to take some action now!

Nobody on the Beltway is above or below another in this mess! So, it is now time to use our response abilities!

And, what ever happened to the "National Banks" we had when I was a kid? They were safe and secure ... with capital (as true Capitalism requires).

Lastly; The infamous "Free Market" with no regulation makes as much sense as no speed limits or laws on Arizona highways. Now we know that we need "radar" for our financial markets as well, don't we?

Rev. John M.

Kohlenberger, HHP

Prescott Valley

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