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Mon, June 24

Letter: Public option won't kill insurance firms


Claims that a public option for our healthcare system would put insurance companies out of business are pure fiction, based on fears and fantasy about reduced profits - not based on observable facts!

My wife's niece, in France, has better health care than we do! France has both private health insurance and a robust "social security" public health care system. Yes private and public plans can and will co-exist here, as well, if only our Congress would be brave enough to vote for a public health insurance option! This is our best way of reducing costs, to help all of our present public plans to continue to serve "We the people"!

My own father, an M.D., was in England and saw how "socialized medicine" really works. He told me, "It works pretty well." Thus, I believe that we need to move beyond fear and on to caring for each other!

The Veterans Administration, Medicare, Medicaid and the Federal Employees health systems (all public plans) have not put any insurance companies out of business, yet. This is proof, right here at home, that we and the insurance companies have nothing to fear about offering a "public option" as we overhaul our healthcare system and the way it is financed!

John M. Kohlenberger

Prescott Valley

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