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Tue, Sept. 17

Blogs say we 'can', not if we 'should'

Sorry it's been a stretch between postings. I'm glad you guys have been pounding the keyboards with comments in the meantime.

Let's get right to it.

- - - -

I want to throw a rose to Marie Nicoletti.

We bloggers all get the gist of Internet culture where there is too often zero thought served up on every topic under the sun.

On the one hand, the Internet is a beneficial mode of communication. The web brings communities closer and opens necessary dialogue on a particularly massive scale. On the other hand, the web exposes too many public bathrooms, so to speak.

Marie feels me, as she was fed up on UPDATE: Police investigating Prescott Valley resident's 'suspicious' death:

"And to let all of you know ITS NOT ABOUT YOUR FRIGGEN LIFE!!!! They want you to comment and leave messages that are meaningfull not o i think this place is a dump. Some one died. show some damn respect. its not about you. And to the friends and family... I am so sorry. I hope they find out what happened and soon too. As to the rest of you wanting to make idiotic comments about you or this town KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. O yeah and go ahead and make rude comments about my comment... it just shows how ignorant you are and that you just want to get back at me and not set your differences aside and pay some respect to the family and friends of this loved man!"

Thanks Marie. I'm with you in spirit. We all know we live in a world that's far from perfect, and the web only magnifies our imperfections. The online culture also allows anyone to yell "fire!" in a movie theater. It's just a fact.

- - - -

Forget comments for a minute ... in an odd twist, I have this week's best screen name: Remember back when we were strong. Remember blogged off on Letter: Medicare needs to have a means test:

"The true problem is not medicare, it is Goverment spending! Good ol U.S.A. sends billions of our tax money to countrys around the world,an does not take care of its own people, here at home!The only thing done here if to increes taxes,an beat our people down.We need to bring industry an jobs back to America!The only ones making money these days are insurance companys an goverment!Bring the work back ."

Remember back when we were strong used the screen name to illustrate one point, but the sentiment is different from where I sit. Remember stumbled his (or her) way through 10 typos in 70 words. Ugh. Yes, I do indeed remember back when we were strong.

Spend some time on the driving range, Remember, and try again.

- - - -

By now you know the purpose of this blog. To act as an honest referee on the message boards, to highlight and encourage intelligent dialogue, to recommend a good dictionary (Remember back when we were strong, are you listening?), and generally to let you know when one of you has gone too far.

So Close To Human, I'm looking at you.

On King pleads guilty to animal cruelty:

"If you can get in trouble for animal cruelty,like child abuse, why not give them social security numbers and be able to claim them as dependants? I have a puppy that I love like a child and she even has pet insurance. I even gave her a First Name, a Middle Name, and My Last Name."

Don't get me wrong, I'm all in favor of training your dog to fetch a beer from the fridge. But issuing pets social security numbers and claiming them as dependents? To quote Bill Murray's twisted view of a disjointed future: "Dogs and cats living together; it'll be anarchy."

And for the rest of you keeping score, the only thing more disturbing than giving your pet a first, middle and last name is telling the world that you've given your pet a first, middle and last name. Stick to milk bones and belly rubs and, aw shucks, go ahead and leave on Animal Planet when you leave the house. But do indeed leave the house once in a while and consort with humans, too.

- - - -

On a more serious note, I wanted to wait a bit to revisit the health care debate which has dominated recent Inbox blogs. But I can be silent no more this week.

No name provided went for it on Editorial: Intelligent debate is health care reform's upside:

"So be it, Courier. What insanity, to suggest that since there are some existing problems with our healthcare system that we should thus radically change all aspects of it."

I'd prescribe myself two aspirin after reading this one, if I could afford the premium. Suffice it to say, I thought we dispelled the "some existing problems" alibi six blogs ago. For those who oppose health care reform because you interpret the current system as having a few mere problems (you, the one with your head in the sand), please click here to review my take on your "some problems" defense.

Then stop talking.

- - - -

Lastly, I have to stick up for honkybrujo, a favorite target (and, let's face it, instigator) on's message boards.

Bombastic called him out on Kennedy, dead at 77, called 'singular figure' in America's life:

"honkybrujo" is e'scared to translate his screen name for us...E'SCARED!"

After some prodding, honky did fess up here a couple blogs ago.

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