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Mon, March 25

Letter: Has this country gone mad?


Open letter to President Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President:

You are a married man with a beautiful wife and two enchanting children.

Why then have you allowed Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano to circulate to the nation's police departments and sheriff's offices a nine-page terrorism assessment that urges them to keep an eye on pro-marriage advocates like me? I am 74 years old and have a married son and daughter and grandchildren. Which is the way of things. Or was.

Since when is someone who believes in marriage as a union between a man and a woman as I do a terrorist threat, a threat to the homeland?

Recently, a young woman, Miss California, Carrie Prejean, has been "blasted for her comments" (media assessment) and denigrated by one of the judges for the Miss USA contest, Perez Hilton, an avowed homosexual, for answering a specific question about her opinion - not her change for the whole USA - her opinion - on gay marriage.

She responded straightforwardly from her heart, from her upbringing, from her love and worship of God, that marriage is between a man and a woman.

It is my opinion that Perez Hilton undoubtedly would have assumed that he could openly lambast Ms. Prejean, nationwide, with the whole world watching, for her "terrorism."

He went on to insult Miss California by calling her a "dumb b***h" on his website.

Recently you, Mr. President, shook the hand of Hugo Chavez, an avowed hater of the USA and all we stand for. He gave you his book documenting this. Yet you have permitted your Secretary for Homeland Security to also alert the local police departments and sheriff's offices to watch out for returning fighters for their country in Afghanistan who have trouble "re-integrating" after their war experience.

Potential terrorists all? Has this country gone mad? More specifically, has this country's successive governments gone mad?

Your Secretary of Homeland Security apparently thinks that the ends justify the means. As with those who wrote the chilling memos outlining and authorizing horrific torture practices, and particularly propounded by one who is now a member of the Judiciary, Judge Bybee.

Who are you? And what are you if you permit your appointees to run hog wild, run herd on innocent American people, on the American people period? The influence comes from the top.

Audrey E. Parker

Prescott Valley


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