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Thu, March 21

Editorial: People can mess with free speech

The First Amendment to the Constitution prohibits Congress from enacting any law that interferes with free speech.

In these days of political correctness, however, everyone else can interfere with free speech. The latest person to find that out is Miss California USA Carrie Prejean. During the pageant, one of the judges, B-list celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, asked Prejean if every state should follow the lead of Vermont in legalizing gay marriage.

The young lady answered from the heart and said she didn't mean to offend anyone, but she believes marriage should be between a man and a woman.

People have argued about whether her answer cost her the pageant title and resulted in her being first runner-up to Miss North Carolina, Kristen Dalton. But Hilton, who is openly gay, made it clear on his blog and in subsequent TV appearances that her answer certainly cost her his vote.

The Associated Press in its lead on a story about Prejean's subsequent TV appearance compounded the political correctness bias so pervasive on the issue by saying, "Miss California says she stands by her anti-gay-marriage comments, even if they may have cost her the Miss USA crown. "

Excuse us? She said she believes marriage should be between a man and a woman. She said nothing against gays. Proposition 8 in California said marriage should be between a man and a woman. Fifty-two percent of Californians approved it. Voters approved similar initiatives in Arizona and Florida in 2008.

"I don't take back what I said," Prejean told Matt Lauer on NBC's "Today Show," adding that she "had spoken from my heart, from my beliefs and for my God. It's not about being politically correct. For me, it's about being biblically correct."

She and Perez Hilton clearly have two different points of view to which each is entitled.

Carrie Prejean clearly has the edge when it comes to manners and class.

Her fidelity to her principles will take her farther in life than any pageant title.


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