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Thu, March 21

Letter: Another opponent rips photo radar


Kudos to Karen Cunningham of Glendale who recently wrote about getting a photo radar ticket while driving through Prescott Valley.

Since she addressed the letter to the Prescott Valley Magistrate Court, I hope that she is boycotting Prescott Valley only and not the City of Prescott.

But, I agree wholeheartedly with her point of view. I, too, recently received a photo radar ticket in the mail for traveling 67 in the 55-mph zone approaching the beginning of the town limits on Highway 69 from the east for $190! Was I traveling 67 mph? I really don't know. I typically do not speed through these 55-mph zones. But I had a friend in the car with me and perhaps I was not paying close enough attention. As Karen's letter said, perhaps I had just passed a car and was adjusting my speed properly. Perhaps the photo radar mechanism is not calibrated properly. Who knows. Yes, I too will pay the citation without protest. Then I will spend 4-1/2 hours in traffic school to have the 3 points removed for insurance purposes.

What I won't do is spend any more money in Prescott Valley. Period. All over the state an uproar is growing about these photo radar spots and they are removing them from highways all over the Valley.

Mitigating circumstances may lead someone to exceed the speed limit briefly - to get around someone who's driving dangerously. At least a face to face with an officer might give the responsible driver a chance to explain, unlike the photo radar traps.

I suggest Prescott Valley should wake up and follow suit with areas throughout the state who have begun removing their photo radar.

Roxane Nielsen



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