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Tue, March 19

Letter: Cell phone yackers need manners class


I am sure that many people, and not just me, don't care to listen to one side of a private conversation between two equally rude people talking on cell phones in public places, like restaurants, hotel lobbies, the movies, the library, in church or any public place you can think of. And it is becoming an epidemic in our society.

Text messaging, even without the loud talking, is just as rude. While attending a movie recently, cell phone lights were turning on and off at numerous locations in the movie theater during the entire movie. If you are there to see a movie, have a little consideration for others around you and turn off your cell phone. If you must use your cell phone, take it outside the theater to the lobby or the restroom. Don't disturb everyone around you. Everyone who has a cell phone could use some manners instruction on the use of the cell phone in public.

While you are driving, show some common sense. Don't talk on your cell phone while you are driving. It could be hazardous to your health or to the health of someone in another car. Pull over, if you must talk on your cell phone. It is very easy to become distracted while on your cell phone when driving. Is your conversation really worth the risk of having an automobile accident?

John D. Solomon



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