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Sat, Feb. 22

Viewpoint: Who is the real Barack Obama?

Barack Obama is the most liberal member of the senate and believes in raising taxes, increased government spending, and income redistribution. (See editorial cartoon October 22, 2008) He has not distinguished himself in his national career or authored one substantial piece of legislation in the senate. Obama has no executive experience and has had associations with questionable people and has continually changed his explanations of those relationships, and he has never been tested in a crisis.

Senator Obama was never investigated like Governor Palin was. The media gave him a pass and never revealed how his policies would affect people's lives.

Obama would let the 2001 tax cuts expire. This would be the largest tax increase in history... He proposed new oil and gasoline, coal and natural gas taxes, and retirement account taxes. New taxes would finance government medical care. He proposed a 28 percent tax on home sales profits. Obama wants to return to the inheritance tax that Bush repealed. Obama plans to increase dividend tax to 39.6 percent from the 15 percent that McCain wants. Obama's proposed $1 trillion spending plan will be on the back of the taxpayers and is a major income redistribution plan. These taxes imposed during a recession will only add an additional burden to the economy. I guess Obama skipped Economics 101.

Obama doesn't have any experience in military strategic planning but made his decision to withdraw from Iraq before going there or consulting with the generals. He still didn't listen to them and just ignored the facts. Along with Senator Reed (the war is lost) he voted against the surge and re-supply of the troops.

If Obama had his way we would have left Iraq in defeat with thousands of lives lost for nothing. We still have a chance for success there.

Obama plans include cutting billions of dollars of the Defense Department budget and the development of no new weapons in space to protect satellites and strategic assets. He plans cuts in missile defense systems. He advocates deep cuts in our nuclear program and stopping work on the aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford, which is to replace a 47-year-old carrier." (Floyd and Mary Beth Brown, syndicated columnists)

Will Obama be able to protect us? Not likely!

Charles Krauthammer said, "Obama has shown that he is a man of limited experience, questionable convictions, deeply troubling associations and an alarming lack of self-definition - Do you really know who he is and what he believes?"

I don't know who he is and I am troubled that he said the people in Pennsylvania were clinging to their God and their guns when they couldn't hear him. Because people are blaming Bush for the financial crisis, Obama will probably become president. Barney Franks and the Democrats pushed the sub-prime loans that were a direct cause of this crisis. They stopped a bill to control Fanny and Freddie that McCain co-sponsored in 2005, and Franks said there was nothing wrong.

Another thing to consider is if Obama wins, the Democrats will control everything.

During the last debate, Obama was smiling and seemed amused. I don't think we will be amused after he starts on his programs. God help us!

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