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Mon, Oct. 21

Letter: If war isn't the answer to extremists, what is?

The well-intentioned but naive dedication of the new Peace Pole in Prescott shows how the far left applies

bumper-sticker solutions to real-world situations.

The "War is not the answer" bumper sticker is a prime example and begs us to ask, "Doesn't it depend on what the question is?" If the question is, "Do you want your freedom of religion, speech and press taken away at the risk of losing your head and your life, or will you go to war to protect those freedoms," isn't "war" the correct answer?

Peace-at-any-price people fail to realize that some people hate us. They don't want a debate and they will make no accommodation until we all submit to their will or they kill us. It doesn't matter if this bully mentality is in the playground, the neighborhood or the world in general.

We can ensure world peace in only two ways. The best way is to become so strong the bully is afraid of the consequences should he attack. The other way is "peace at any price," in which we compromise all our freedoms and submit to the bullies.

Those who teach this form of "peace" do disservice to their students if they don't teach their students also the art of surrender, the joys of submission and the proper display of contrition for a slave.

By participating in this incoherent ceremony, Mayor Jack Wilson is showing his true colors. I doubt Wilson would have won election if the voters had known his Neville Chamberlainesque views.

R. F. "Buz" Williams


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