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Wed, July 17

Letter: Governments have plenty of waste

A few weeks ago, City Manager Steve Norwood met with other tri-city area town managers and county supervisors.

They discussed the revenue shortfalls the cities and county were expecting. Norwood asked his counterparts to freeze all wages for the upcoming year, including those of firefighters and police.

I would ask if Mr. Norwood would return his "bonus" that taxpayer dollars paid for, if he thinks that firefighters and police do not deserve raises.

Would Mr. Norwood run through an empty lot chasing a man shooting at him, as two of Prescott's police officers did a few days before his comment? By the way, Mr. Norwood, one of those officers took a bullet and if it were not for his vest we could be mourning him.

Or how about coming down to the jail and pulling a shift living with murderers, drug dealers, sex offenders, etc. Or put on a fire suit and run into a burning building or sit on a dark street, as probation officers do, knock on a door not knowing who is on the other side, all to ensure probationers are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Of course Mr. Norwood, we all know Prescott and the other tri-city area communities would not be in financial difficulties if the council would stop recommending tens of millions of dollars to for-profit businesses.

So, instead of taking $5 million from the downtown firehouse, which may save lives and property and providing another convention center, consider which is more important.

Instead of putting a firehouse initiative on the ballot to see if voters want to pay for it, why not put yourself on the ballot and see if the voters want to keep you.

Margaret Schirmer

Prescott Valley

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