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Sat, May 25

Letter: Read local paper; take part in groups


Every week or so, someone writes to decry the lack of national and international news in the Daily Courier and placement of what it does publish in the back pages of the first section.

If these folks received the news they are so fervently seeking, would they write their elected officials, create a local support group, or do anything other than wait for the next day? Okay, perhaps they might adjust their stock portfolio.

For the most part, citizens who thirst for "big news" are just amusing themselves.

They generally have no intention of getting involved or making a difference.

The Courier makes no bones about being a local newspaper. It focuses on our community and often invites and/or stimulates participation. Reporting on local issues gives our citizens the opportunity to make a difference.

A friend religiously reads the New York Times but limits his viewing the Courier to occasional visits on the internet. I have asked what he gets out of spending hours reading page after page day after day. He says that he "just likes it." But what is he doing to improve life for our local citizens?

I worked for a company that understood community service. It let me lead its United Way campaign, sit on nine non-profit boards of directors and become totally involved in my community in Ventura County, Calif.

When I came to Prescott in 2002, the local United Way immediately welcomed me and I recognized how many great opportunities I had to get involved. As a result, I have wonderfully busy and fulfilling days.

So come on, you New York Times folks: Stop complaining, check out our local newspaper and get involved. It's great for our community and feels oh so good.

Paul Baskin



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