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Tue, Jan. 21

Viewpoint: Obama 'disregards history to make election points'

Barack Obama stated that the Berlin Wall came down and that the Berlin blockade was stopped because people came together.

This is a total misstatement. Both situations were controlled because the U.S. projected power and force.

The Wall came down because President Reagan built up the United States military after it was depleted by the Democrats. This forced the Soviets into an arms race that collapsed their economy and was accomplished without firing a shot. There was no "coming together of people" other than the East Germans were able to enter West Germany.

The U.S. confronted the Soviet blockade of Berlin by flying supplies into the Berliners in the greatest airlift in history. This is another example of using force without conflict. John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan understood the need for and the use of power and strength and the hard choices required. Mr. Obama has disdained power and strength and has ignored history to push his visions that "only coming together will solve everything." This is his illusion.

The U.S. has maintained a military presence in Europe since World War II that has protected Europe from Soviet aggression. We helped rebuild Europe including the former enemies, Germany and Italy. What other nation has ever done anything like that?

I was among the millions of American citizen soldiers who spent years of their lives maintaining the peace in Europe. I resent Mr. Obama's dismissal of these soldiers' sacrifice for peace and his disregard of history just to make election points.

No Bama!

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