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Mon, March 18

Back to School

Photo Courtesy of Stock Xchange (Gjenero(Lusi))

Photo Courtesy of Stock Xchange (Gjenero(Lusi))

When I was a kid, I loved school. I couldn't wait until I met the new teacher and found my new classroom. I cared more about new school supplies than clothes. I loved the way new sharpened pencils felt in my hand. I anxiously awaited the moment for a mistake on my paper so I could use my perfectly shaped new eraser. I loved the way my scissors made their first effortless cut on paper. I could go on and on.

Explains why I get so excited about this time of the year.

My son will be starting the third grade this year. His excitement for the beginning of school is about seeing old friends and making new ones. He is excited to be a part of a classroom of kids. When I ask him about new clothes and supplies for the school he is not intrigued. He really could care less about what he wears or what is in the backpack. He picked out his backpack in June and that is were his interest in school shopping ended.

Do I want him to love school supplies like I did? Not a chance. I'm satisfied that he is looking forward to school for reasons of his own. I have to admit, my son makes it easy on me. I get to choose stuff based upon his needs, without struggling to balance them with his wants. I get to choose colors of his clothes (within reason) and get to buy the sale stuff because he definitely does not care what it costs.

Sounds like I would be overjoyed buying all the supplies and clothes. However, my time for that has passed. I don't get excited about using markers for the first time anymore. I get excited when I buy one box of markers and get one free. I get even more excited when I walk my son to school and we walk into the classroom for the first time. I get misty eyed leaving the school knowing that we are starting another successful year.

The beginning of school means more than new school supplies, I've grown from being a student to a Mom. A Mom... still a student of a different type of classroom where occasionally new sneakers are needed to run after the toddler while making sure to see my older son's new magic trick.


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