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Mon, March 25

Letter: Motorcyclists promote healthier environment


Motorcyclists often get a bad rap. Some are loud and some of the folks who ride them dart around town like crazed squirrels.

Motorists may not like sharing the road with motorcycles. But, did you know that motorcycles and scooters get 35 to 75 mpg, which reduces our demand on fuel (which eventually can help lower fuel prices) and reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources; require significantly less materials and resources to manufacture than a car or truck; use a small amount of road space, which reduces gridlock in congested areas.

They also can travel in HOV lanes, which improves traffic flow on highways; can park as many as four to a car space, provide more room for cars and trucks; roll on two wheels and weigh between 300 and 800 pounds, a fraction of cars and trucks; and riders drive them an average of only 715 to 2,900 miles per year (Motorcycle Industry Council estimate), which means they're barely wearing the road surfaces on which they ride.

And, did you know that motorcycles in Arizona pay license and registration fees according to their manufacturer's suggested retail price, not their road usage or vehicle weight? That means motorcyclists pay for road repairs they don't even cause. Here in Arizona license plates for a new Harley-Davidson or Honda Gold Wing can cost more than $200!

Additionally, Arizona's motorcycle business impacts the retail marketplace to the tune of almost $692 million per year (Motorcycle Industry Council estimate for 2006) paying taxes and employing thousands along the way.

Finally, May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Motorcycles are good for you - please watch out for us. We don't need your thanks; just don't run into us!

Dave Koshollek

Motorcyclist for 40 years



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