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Sat, March 23

Letter: Road safety should protect the children


I read with sadness that a toddler ran into a vehicle on Aug. 18. On that same day, in front of the Glassford Hill Apartments on Glassford Hill Road and Spouse Drive, while coming home from shopping, my wife, our 4-year-old son and I noticed a 2-year-old boy standing beside the road picking up rocks.

There was no parent nearby and no physical barriers preventing the child from walking onto Spouse Drive! Another accident?

I was mad. I told my wife that at one of the "Neighborhood Meetings" for the rezoning of a parcel of land east of the Glassford Hill Apartments on Spouse and Lone Cactus, I brought up the subject of children's safety to the "host" of the meeting and several home-owners about why there was no playground for children, why there was no safe area for children to wait for their school bus on Spouse, and why there wasn't a brick wall separating the Glassford Hill Apartments from the Glassford Hill Road and Spouse Drive. The homeowners agreed with me, but the "host" told me (basically) that the apartments were not meant for children.

How could the Town of Prescott Valley allow an apartment complex to be built without constructing a wall separating Glassford Hill Road and Spouse Drive from the apartments? Glassford Hill Road is very dangerous as indicated by the presence of two photo radar installations.

Photo radar is the right idea, but what about the rest of the town where people speed around like they're in a NASCAR race? Sidewalks? What about trees, bushes and parked vehicles that conceal drivers' vision?

Prescott Valley needs to fix the issues like those at Glassford Hill Apartments. How many children have to die before something is done?

Robert Gibbs

Prescott Valley


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