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Mon, Dec. 16

Letter: Check shelters before buying puppy-mill pets


I hope Jeanne Semet never gets her Shelties back and they never let her own another pet.

Many local people say they are "rescuers" and actually are hoarder/collectors. This mental disease causes many animals to suffer. Many people call themselves "breeders" and are the worst kind of breeder. A true breeder cares about animals and does not have dollar signs in her head.

It costs a lot of money to breed a better dog and that is a good breeder's goal. Improving the breed is the only reason a person should think of breeding. So-called designer dogs come from people who have lost their AKC privileges to breed purebred dogs.

I know of three puppy mills in our area. They don't feed or care for dogs properly. Does it make sense to breed a litter of puppies and advertise it on the back window of your truck?

A good breeder has all the puppies sold before they breed their dogs. Many purebred rescue organizations exist - one for every breed of dog. If you want to pay $300 or more for a mixed-breed puppy, do some research first. Find a rescue group that has been around for a while and check it out. Make sure they are a rescuer and not a puppy seller.

PAALS has been around for 20 years and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit as are the Yavapai Humane Society and United Animal Friends. We are choosey about who gets our pets and will not adopt to you if you do not have a fenced yard, nor will we adopt black kittens at this time of the year.

Please write to the judge in the Chino Valley case and tell the judge to not let her have her dogs back.

PAALS cares.

Lolli McAllister

Prescott Valley

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