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Sat, Oct. 19

Letter: Deportation won't stop immigrant problem

"Buz" Williams has much to say about his pastor's naiveté and misuse of terms like "vigilante legislation." He would be much happier if his Catholic Church fought corruption in Mexico and was quiet about social justice issues here in the United States.

Buz has simplified a complex problem. It's a stretch to put illegal migrants in the same category as pedophiles!

First, we would have far fewer Mexicans coming to our country if we were not attracting them. If they could find no employment here, they would

not come. The Federal Employment Identification System seems to work and is even offering pictures

of the prospective employee to reduce stolen identities. Employers seem unwilling to use it.

Second, NAFTA and the ethanol program have driven corn prices so high that Mexicans are finding that they cannot compete even locally in farming. They are leaving their farms for the cities, cannot find work there and come north for work.

Three, we use the word "illegal" loosely to mean someone who disobeys a law that we do not disobey. Most Mexicans come here because they cannot support themselves in Mexico. Drunk drivers kill more people in our country than any immigrants do. We don't deport them; we often don't even punish them.

Four, I don't want to pay billions more in taxes it would take to deport all those who are here il-

legally, nor do I think that we could physically move that many people (millions?).

Dear Buz: Father Art might be naive, but so are you if you think that deportation will cure the drive for people to seek a better life.

Rev. Dr. David Polhemus

United Methodist Clergy retired


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