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Best of the Web: Nov. 6-13, 2007 Haddad - The Bradshaw Mountain Bears had plenty to celebrate after Friday's upset victory. Haddad - The Bradshaw Mountain Bears had plenty to celebrate after Friday's upset victory.

Hello, and welcome to the latest installment of dCourier's Best of the Web! Here's some of our most popular stories as of mid-November:



Cindy Barks' story about new connector roads was a big hit with our local readers. That tells me that our readers value their time and safety - after all, we probably spend a considerable chunk of time sitting in our vehicles. It would be great to have a Chino Valley to Prescott Valley connector road, and as reader George Baldwin pointed out - "7-10 years to build connector from Chino to Glassford Hill is totally unacceptable!"

A connector road from Fain Road to Highway 169 would definitely reduce traffic at two intersections that often have some bloody wrecks: the intersections where Highway 69 meets Fain Road, and further east, 169. I think that lighter traffic flows would increase safety and decrease commute times.

This traffic brief also received quite a few hits from other commuters. And our readers also gave plenty of concerned clicks to this police brief, "Mother, youngster not seriously hurt in accident."



Derek Meurer's story about the Women Veterans Recognition Ceremony was a popular read. Personally, I thought that Derek's first sentence was excellent:

"PRESCOTT - Four military nurses, from four different eras, worked to save a single soldier, as they shared feelings of shock and outrage at the carnage they saw."

Derek also got a good quote from Betty Moseley Brown, a member of the U.S. Marines Corps from 1978 to 1992. Here's what she said:

"People have told me that I don't look like a Marine, but I ask them, what does a Marine look like? What does a woman veteran look like? There are over 1.7 million women veterans, of all ages and backgrounds."

"VA hospital recognizes women veterans" was another popular story. Derek opens this one by pointing out that, "The modern American military is not a 'boys club.'"

Of course, be sure to check out our Veteran's Day Parade photo gallery, if you haven't already. It accompanies Derek's story about the parade (click here to read it).

Unfortunately, our recent hits also highlighted a recent obituary - and the world recently lost another legendary veteran - Albert George Stanford. He entered the Army in 1941 and fought hard in World War II. Stanford earned a Purple Heart in Okinawa in 1945, and went on to raise a loving family.



Our Nov. 6, Best Shots reader photos and photo gallery from Bradshaw vs. Raymond Kellis also received some love from our readers. Our most popular photo this past week was of Bradshaw's Justin Kilduff making this horizontal catch. If you've ever watched football and heard the announcers criticize a wide receiver for having "alligator arms," it's because the wide receiver is too scared to fully extend their body while making a catch (see Terrell Owens highlights from that game against Buffalo earlier this season). Anyway, this photo shows just the opposite of those alligator arms. Nice grab, Justin.


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