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Sat, March 23

Thank your mom; she deserves it

Pop culture loves to sneer at anything smacking of family values, especially motherhood.

But the fact is, every one of those critics is able to take his or her shots at family values precisely because they had a mother.

Someone put their welfare ahead of her own, sacrificed some of her personal dreams and went through many trials to see that these self-appointed arbiters of social order made it to presumed adulthood so they can dispense their drivel.

It's popular every Mother's Day to price the work mothers do. This year, the figure topped $160,000. It's much more difficult to be a mother these days.

Even mothers in two-parent households usually work, and certainly single mothers have to. But the traditional duties of motherhood don't go away when the workday ends.

Someone still has to do the laundry, cook the meals, check homework, clean and vacuum, do the dishes, pack school lunches and get children where they need to go.

It's brutally hard work, and all of us are lucky we still have so many women willing to do the job and do it well.

So, if you are lucky enough to have your mother still with you, serve her breakfast in bed and take her out for a nice dinner later today.

Give her a nice gift to acknowledge the great gifts she has given you.

And tell the family values critics to get a life. They already have a life, though, thanks to their mothers.


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