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Sat, July 20

Veterinarians provide aid to the pet community

Numerous hospitals, doctors and clinics provide services to maintain the health of the people living in the tri city area, but the community also has its share of businesses that provide medical services to the area's animal population.

Janeth Dow, co-owner of the Prescott Animal Hospital, said that the animal hospital has been a fixture in Yavapai County since 1942, and that it was the first animal hospital north of Phoenix.

"My husband and I came to Prescott in 1979, and we became the owners of the hospital in about 1984," Dow said. "The hospital is a mixed-animal practice that focuses on small animals, but we also have a new facility just for horses."

The Prescott Animal Hospital opened a new Equine Center in May in order to have more room to service their equine clients, and also in order to expand their small animal center.

"We've seen every kind of animal. Clients' pets have included giant tortoises, pot-bellied pigs, llamas, alpacas, goats, you name it," Dow said. "We also do work with the local zoo, which is very interesting. It's not every animal practice that gets to work with a Siberian Tiger."

Dow said that the hospital provided 24-hour emergency support for all types of animals, in addition to taking clients by appointment. They have a large staff, and she stressed that they make all efforts to stay up to date technologically.

"We want to be always on the cutting edge of veterinarian medicine," Dow said. "We keep our staff educated, and we employ digital X-rays, ultrasound, all the latest equipment that is available. We're serious about being on the forefront in our field."

Chino Valley Animal Hospital also provides 24-hour emergency services for animal owners in that city. Michael Kahan, clinic owner and veterinarian, said they also have plans to open a new clinic, and have begun the groundbreaking on a 10,000-square foot building.

"We have one doctor who mainly specializes in larger pets, others who focus on smaller ones, but we have it all covered," said Kahan. "We see all kinds of pets. Hamsters, snakes, sugar gliders, goats, sheep, it's all been in here."

Kahan said that business is growing for the clinic proportionally to the growth of the community. He said the clinic is highly focused on maintaining current pet health technology.

"There's a small niche for holistic medicine in pet health," said Kahan. "We have an open mind towards it, but mainstream techniques and technology remain our main focus. We're all animal people here, and we want to do whatever we can to help our cities' animals."

The Kachina Animal Hospital serves animals in the community of Dewey-Humbolt. Julia Lynn-Elias, owner and veterinarian, said that it is the oldest animal hospital in the Dewey area.

"We take both appointments and emergency patients, and we don't turn anyone away," Lynn-Elias said. "We aren't open 24 hours a day, but we do always have a doctor on call who can come if needed."

Lynn-Elias explained that the nature of the area her hospital is in does affect their clientele and their approach to medicine.

"We get the pets who are pampered, in-house pets like you'd see in a more urban community, but we also have a lot of working animals," said Lynn-Elias. "There's a different mentality for those owners as opposed to others, but they all want their animals to be in good health, whether it's to have a lapdog, or to get a sheep-herding dog back to work."

There are many more animal health businesses in the area, and Lynn-Elias believes that is fortunate both for the health professionals and the pet owners of the tri city area.

"There's such a broad spectrum of veterinarian specialists in Arizona to refer people to," Lynn-Elias said. "For every field where there's a specialist in human medicine, there's a vet equivalent. We all work together well, which helps everyone, clinics and pet owners alike. People in Arizona love their pets; they're more than just an investment."


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