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Thu, Feb. 20

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Wagon master was

a blast of the past


Are people so caught up in their own world that we cannot have a glimpse of our past and enjoy it?

A friend and I were traveling on Highway 169 going north to Flagstaff and we encountered the "obstacle" that Mr. Milo found so "hazardous" to his driving.

I blinked my lights at him and we waved! The driver of the wagon waved back. Maybe Mr. Milo was driving along and not paying attention? As far as speed, well, I will tell you no one does 65 on 169, hurrying to get to Interstate 17 so they can even go faster!

I spotted our "wagon master" a half-mile down the road and slowed down. Also, Mr. Milo, you'll find few if any blind spots anywhere from Camp Verde to the turn off of Highway 69 to Prescott Valley! Evidently Mr. Milo has never taken a defensive driving course, or he always would be on his guard. Or maybe he was busy on his cell phone.

In defense of the wagon master, I think it was a refreshing sight! It brought a smile to my friend and myself. And as far as the animals go, I am a horse lover myself and they looked pretty healthy to me. The horses were doing what they did hundreds of years ago. My grandfather used them on his farm for the fields. It also was their transportation.

I was so appalled when I read of Mr. Milo's "experience" that I just had to write to say how I think people should take in the sights not squish them! I give the wagon master credit for even living that way. He looked happy. I don't think Mr. Milo is!

Nancy Santomeno


Voters approved Arizona's MLK Day


Articles on the Martin Luther King Day often bring up the struggles that Arizona had in accepting this special day. In his Jan. 15 column, Randall Amster said Arizona was "one of the last states to adopt the MLK holiday."

Under Gov. Bruce Babbitt, prior to Gov. Evan Mecham, we had a MLK holiday for our state government. At the time of the executive order of Gov. Babbitt we were not "one of the last states to adopt the MLK holiday."

When Gov. Mecham, in 1987, rescinded the order, he put us back into the list of states not accepting the MLK holiday. We did have the holiday but Gov. Mecham cancelled our acceptance.

Amster mentioned some of the above details but it will stick in our minds that we were one of the last states and give people the wrong impression about Arizonans' attitudes.

One man canceled that holiday, and let us not forget, that we were the only state to approve the MLK holiday by a statewide vote. Some were strongly against Dr. King, but as a whole, the people of the state wanted to honor him.

Instead of always saying, "Arizona was one of the last states to accept the MLK holiday," why don't we say, "Arizona was the only state in America to approve the MLK holiday by a statewide vote"?

By the way, did you know that Utah did not recognize the holiday name (MLK) until 2000. It had called it the Human Rights Day.

Bruce Caldwell

Prescott Valley

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