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Wed, April 24

CJ's special of the day is scrumptious

Believe it or not, I have a new recommendation for y'all.

We had gone to the CJ Diner for a late breakfast, and of course I planned to have my usual mushroom cheeseburger. But the special of the day reached right out, grabbed my by my shirttail, and sat me down before I could change my mind!

A green chili and cheese omelet. Oh, yes! Filled to overflowing with wonderfully browned green chili and absolutely oozing cheese. Too wonderful to even talk around.

Well, I did manage to talk some ... both the "one-B" Robin and the "two-B" Robbin were there, and one can't be around them long and not talk.

Then May and Mike Michaels (hope I did your name correctly, May; it's been awhile since we e-mailed) stopped by the table for a little chat and to share a pic of their grandson with the president.

Three of them were helicoptered in from the ship to North Island to meet with him. What an honor for him, and what a great pic for the grandfolks!


Our youngest daughter Ria was down for a week from Seattle.

On her last day here, my voice took it's own vacation. No sore throat, no fever, no trouble swallowing - I just couldn't utter a sound for four days.

We didn't yell or sing, but we did talk and laugh a lot, so Ri figures I just plain wore the ol' voice box out.

Little Nicky from across the road brought me some bright green beads to wear, and told me they were "voice catcher" beads ... like dream catchers, only catching voices instead. And they worked; I can speak again. Some people are even glad about that. (grin)

Ria also brought me a cell phone, which has more bells and whistles than I ever expect to master. But one good thing already came from having it.

Neighbors Gary and Sandy were on their way to Prescott. When they reached the junction, Arlene was about four cars ahead of them.

She turned off to Phoenix and Gary noticed a right tire dangerously low.

Sandy called me to see if Arlene had a cell phone, and I was able to give her the number because Ria had programmed it in for me.

They called Arlene and she was able to rectify the situation before serious calamity befell.

The triangle at work there was much larger than the triangle we live in at home, but instant communication was possible. So cells definitely have their uses. I still shudder when I see someone driving while talking, though.

The other neat thing my phone does is take pictures. So for those of you who keep asking to see my beasties, here are Pen and Coop, escaping the summer heat.

If the picture is not of the best quality, don't blame The Bug - they are working from color pix from a cell phone, sent through e-mail. Not the best resolution to begin with, but hopefully you'll be able to tell them apart.

Penny is the black one; Cooper the yellow one. And that's the way it is.

(Peggy Swycaffer is a longtime resident of Cordes Lakes. Reach her at


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