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Tue, May 21

Our Readers Speak

Group's use of gang signs outside the pale


I have subscribed to your newspaper for a number of years and my business has advertised in your publications for a long time. When I received the March 23 edition of "The Scene," your cover photo of the local hip-hop groups LEL Brothas disgusted me. It smacks of "gang" association.

I asked my employees what they thought of when they looked at the picture and they all said the same thing ­ gang symbols. One of my employees did say that it was the gang "peace" sign ­ but still a gang sign. Is it a sign that you would use?

We all know that our community has an increasing gang problem, so why do you give any credibility to their hand signals ­ good or bad?

Maybe this group has chosen to help raise money for the Boys & Girls Club, but why? To make themselves seem more acceptable and looked upon as "good guys" by the community? As an employer, I would not employ young men who would dress, use hand signals, or display an "attitude" as this photograph does.

Our community (and your newspaper) should do everything in our power to reject anything relating to the "gang" image. I truly hope that your publication will not give publicity to these individuals again.

Beverly Jolliffe

Prescott Valley

Prescott must commit to protecting Verde


I want to thank the Courier for reporting that the Center for Biological Diversity has opened a new office to advance our campaign to Save the Verde River in your April 3 front-page


The article accurately quoted from a letter that Rep. Rick Renzi sent to the many citizens who expressed concern about the pipeline project. Renzi's letter further stated: "It is my hope that the City of Prescott takes the proper precautions to assess the impact of this project so that the city may be allow(ed) to grow and thrive in the future."

The center strives to engage Prescott's leadership in the development of these "proper precautions." We hope the public also will encourage the city and its partners to develop a plan now, before they build the pipeline, that it can implement whenever necessary to offset future impacts to the Verde River's flows attributable to their project.

A habitat conservation plan or other comprehensive mitigation plan would protect the interests of citizens and the river

and its constituent fish, plants and wildlife, and allow the city to "grow and thrive in the future."

We also call on the Prescott area communities to become members of the Verde River Basin Partnership. Though the center supports the scientific studies the partnership plans to undertake, we declined membership in hopes that Prescott would feel comfortable participating. A genuine commitment and cooperation between upstream and downstream communities will be necessary if we are to retain the jewel that is the Verde River.

Michelle T. Harrington

Rivers Program Director

Center for Biological Diversity


Bush's immigration policy is the problem


President Bush made an interesting comment during his April 9 speech in Yuma about the illegal immigration question.

President Bush contended that it was "impractical" to enforce our immigration laws by detaining and removing illegal aliens because too many of them are here already.

Does the president realize that 40 percent of all illegals domiciled in the U.S. arrived here since he became president in January 2001? What a rotten "open borders" Bush illegal immigration legacy.

Larry Brown

Riverside, Calif.


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