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10:23 AM Thu, Nov. 15th

Our Readers Speak

Colwell should run

for town council


(Open letter to Elmer Colwell)

Elmer Colwell, you have to take some of the responsibility. What did you do to run for the Town Council or encourage others to run?

Tom Steele

Prescott Valley

Dewey-Humboldt gun decision unreal


The Dewey-Humboldt Town Council's resolution on guns is unbelievable.

I had hoped someone could drag these folks from the 19th century at least into the 20th century, but now I see no hope. I vote for unincorporation.

Linda Hippe


Gift cards should

benefit local stores


I recently went to a local mall to use up the balance of a gift card. I ended up not making the purchase because fees had eroded away the balance of the card (for a total of 27 percent of the total value), even though the expiration date is still many months away. I found the transaction frustrating and embarrassing.

I received the gift card from a friend whose employer, a local small business, gave to him as a bonus. I wonder why a local business or even an individual would consider donating their money to a wealthy out-of-town corporation rather than buying gift certificates at local businesses, where it would make an incredible difference, and where the profit is more than likely to stay in the local economy rather than go to distant corporate pockets.

Large out-of-town corporations already have the economy tipped in their favor, even down to our city government giving our tax money to them.

By examining the seemingly small choice between large boxes and local businesses, we can make a difference.

Susan McElheran


Whiskey Row alley is

a public disgrace


Your recent article about the continuing problems with the elevator at the parking garage also should have noted the continuing problems in the

Whiskey Row alley in regard to the garbage and recycling bins.

The alley is a mess and a disgusting welcome for visitors to Prescott.

The two locked compression bins and the one recycling bin are totally inadequate for the volume of garbage from the bars, restaurants and businesses adjoining the alley. The locks malfunction frequently, the bins are overflowing causing people to have to pile their garbage outside the bins, broken glass from beer bottles

litters the alley, and grease and other mysterious,

disgusting materials smear the alley.

The handles alone are a serious health hazard for users. Plus, unauthorized people just drop-off various debris outside the dumpsters.

The condition of the alley is a growing danger to the health and safety of the users. The problems in the alley will continue to grow worse and it's time for the city to prevent the alley from deteriorating to a point of no return.

Linne Thomas