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Thu, April 25

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should work this out


I want my NBC programming back! I have spoken to Cable ONE, and the NBC affiliates. Each side has a different version of what’s happening. I was told other options are available to continue to watch NBC – we could switch cable providers, use an antenna or change to a satellite provider.

The first two options are not available locally since Cable ONE is the only cable provider and antennae re-ception is not clear here. Satellite is available, but at a higher cost overall.

Cable ONE is making NBC available to all of its Universal HD customers. However, it is only available to those subscribers and, as I understand it, it will be free for only one month.

I was perfectly content with Cable ONE as it was, but times change and prices have to increase to accommodate that. Why not give subscribers the opportunity to decide if we want to pay more? Inevitably, Cable ONE will lose subscribers over this, so why not keep the customers who are willing to pay a little more per month happy?

Residents should not be hostages in an ongoing financial war between providers. This is, after all, a business endeavor between two companies and they should be the ones to work the problem out.

John Misner, president and general manager of KPNX and KNAZ, said in a recent Courier article that he made an “initial offer to Cable ONE to pay less than one-cent per day per paying customer.” I’m sure if I and other Cable ONE subscribers were to see a billing increase that reflected that fee, we certainly would be willing to pay it. But that option has not materialized.

The viewers need do what they can to help the situation. If you agree with either Ron Campbell’s opinion or mine, please write or call all of the parties involved and ask them to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

Becky Pinkley


Local cable provider

should not pay for NBC


Thank you, Ron Campbell, for spending my money, and that of Cable ONE as well. Your letter suggesting that Cable ONE pay $600,000 to the NBC affiliates is absolutely crazy. Consider:

1. If KPNX/KNAZ gets $600,000, all similar stations will expect compensation. And once that starts, the prices will increase with every contract renewal.

2. KPNX/KNAZ and NBC are losing vital market share points by our inability to tune to their station/network. Market share is the basis on which they determine, and are able to demand, advertising rates and advertising money is what they depend on.

3. If you are so fixated on watching NBC, you can turn to 412 on your Cable ONE box. It works.

4. As Cable ONE has been telling us, if we lived someplace other than mountainous terrain, we could all get KPNX free through the airwaves that it has rights to free from the government.

5. The general manager of KPNX and KNAZ had the unmitigated gall to suggest that Cable ONE reduce its profits by this $600,000 so KPNX/KNAZ could improve theirs by a similar amount.

What KPNX/KNAZ is doing is nothing short of being outrageously greedy.

TV stations are known for being big profit centers paying high salaries to on-air and executive management. As a former business owner I respect their right to earn big bucks, but not more so at my expense. We all have a choice here, and mine is that I have told Cable ONE that I can do just fine without KNAZ/KPNX.

Not sure what your background is Ron, but I suggest you reconsider your position and join with what I think is a majority of your neighbors and let KPNX/KNAZ and their greed leave town. Of course, KPNX/KNAZ could do the right thing and withdraw this demand and put Channel 12 back on the air here in Prescott.

Bill Miller



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