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Thu, Jan. 23

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Slow drivers are cause of accidents


Every day I drive a round trip from Paulden to Prescott for work. It’s a constant battle to stay calm from dealing with other drivers and their lack of common sense and simple consideration.

I’m fortunate that, although I’m constantly yelling at other drivers, I never act out my anger.

I know the speed limit (between 45 and 65) and that people have the right to go reasonably slower. I also have the right to go the speed limit. I would really like to know what’s so difficult about going 5 miles faster to do the speed limit, and I definitely don’t understand those who go 15-20 miles under the speed limit!

I don’t think that speed is necessarily the cause of accidents. I think it’s the people who drive way too slow!

I believe in a minimum speed limit. Of course the highways are still two lanes with no left or right turn lanes, and that slows things down. We desperately need to widen Highway 89.

I’d like to share a few simple courtesies with other drivers. It’s not illegal to use your blinkers, so please use them! It’s not necessary to come to a complete stop before making that right turn! When making a right turn and there’s a shoulder or safe zone, please use it to make that turn. When you don’t, everyone behind must slow down thus interrupting the flow of traffic! If you insist on driving slower than the speed limit on a two-lane road, please pull slightly to the right so those of us who have the right to go the speed can safely see around your car to pass!

Cindy Nelson


Criticism of review is

unjustified, silly


There seems to be an orchestrated letter writing campaign against the review of the movie “Brokeback Mountain” that is as specious as it is redundant.

The themes of these letters are ridiculously similar and unimaginative. First, the letter writers complain movie reviews shouldn’t contain opinions. This is as asinine as suggesting that letters to the editor should not contain opinions.

A movie review, by its very nature, is the reviewer’s opinion of a particular cinematic endeavor. Next, the letter writers criticize the review for being intolerant and not accepting diversity. Yet by their criticism they show their own intolerance of the First Amendment by grousing against those who have an opposing view.

I do not accept the letter writers’ underlying premise that unchallenged “diversity and tolerance” are a panacea for all that is right and just. Does diversity require that we tolerate anarchists and Nazis? I couldn’t care less what two consenting adults, regardless of their sexual orientation, do in the privacy of their own home. Yet, would I be intolerant if I reported such sexual conduct to the police if it occurred in the front yard or a park or other public place?

R. F. “Buz” Williams


GOP needs to listen

to voters, or lose them


I would hope that someone in the Republican leadership is listening to its base, but I think not.

While the Iraq war, excessive government spending and the Jack Abrahamoff scandal no doubt will hurt Republicans next election, illegal immigration is foremost on the mind of the Republicans I know, all voters.

Voters over 65, whom I know, also are quite upset over the GOP-sponsored Medicare drug benefit. Both these issues appear to me to be on their way to diverting many heretofore solidly GOP voters.

Most conservative voters don’t want the Democrats to win elections, but many of us are loath to give our votes to a political establishment that which refuses to listen to its base.

I care for my 87-year-old mother and find the GOP- sponsored Medicare drug benefit an absolute mess. I am still mentally alert, healthy and computer literate, and I have a hard time with it. I cannot imagine anyone my mother’s age trying to deal with any part of Medicare on her own, let alone the drug benefit. I don’t know what the GOP was thinking when they created this monster.

On illegal immigration, the GOP consistently has failed to address the problem effectively, at best trying to talk it to death.

It appears to me that the GOP leadership is so into Washington culture and politics that they no longer are able to discern what is good for or desired by the bulk of American voters or that voters are increasingly inured to spin.

Jon Elkin


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