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Mon, Oct. 14

Profiling? It's not racial, it's 'terror'

We are living in treacherous times, and terrorists well understand that even when officials uncover one of their murderous plots, the fallout from the aborted action is a big win for them.

After British authorities prevented a couple of dozen fanatics from blowing up a number of American jetliners, the ensuing airport chaos caused pain and inconvenience for thousands of people. Unfortunately, that will continue for the foreseeable future.

Osama and his pals must take great joy at watching security peole pat down 80-year-old grandmothers and confiscate their creams.

Add to that the foolish political bickering over who is protecting Americans better and you have great joy in Mudhutville ­ the hiding al Qaeda leadership wins again.

Of course, the sane way to protect Americans in the sky is to stop looking for nail files and begin profiling people who might actually cause terror damage. That is not "racial" profiling, that is "terror" profiling. Young Muslim men have perpetrated most of the recent terror activities. So, it is these people who need greater scrutiny.

I know that's mean, but believe me when I tell you that if the Irish Republican Army were trying to blow up American planes, I'd have no problem being patted down before I stepped on a plane. I would understand and appreciate the common sense behind the close look.

I believe some Muslim Americans feel the way I do. They understand that some of their co-religionists are remorseless killers. But not all Muslims think that way, and certainly the ACLU and other far left groups oppose profiling. They fight hard against most strategies designed to make terror attacks more difficult. Except, of course, when it involves them.

The biggest problem we have when it comes to defeating terrorism is that some of us live in the real world and some of us live in a theoretical zone where we could solve all problems if only we just talked things over.

Looking back, the actions of Presidents Clinton and Bush in his first year pretty much ignored the growing terror threat from the Muslim world. Had we been wiser then, 3,000 Americans might be alive today.

But we were not wise then, and we are not wise now, either. Call it what you will, but lay off Granny at the airport, and zero in on higher risk subjects.

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