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4:21 AM Mon, Jan. 21st

Campaign collections reach $175,000 mark

PRESCOTT ­ With Prescott's general election only about a week away, campaign spending among the various political committees and the candidates continues to accelerate.

In fact, during just the two weeks between Oct. 4 and Oct. 19, the various campaigns collected about $75,000 more in campaign contributions, bringing the running total of money and services changing hands for the campaign to about $175,000.

Much of the contribution total is going to the two campaigns that former Yavapai County Supervisor Bill Feldmeier is heading up ­ the 1,000 Friends of Prescott, which is working to defeat Proposition 400, and the Responsible Leadership of Prescott, the group devoted to re-election of the four council incumbents.

Those two committees alone account for about $87,000 of the campaign money so far. During the most recent two-week, pre-general-election reporting period, the two committees collected a total of $49,000.

Thursday was the deadline for candidates and committees to file campaign finance disclosure forms with Prescott City Clerk Marie Watson for the Oct. 4-to-Oct. 19 reporting period. Her office received forms from seven of the eight candidates and from five political committees.

John Steward is the only candidate of the eight running for mayor or City Council who is exempt from filing the forms, because he plans to spend no more than $500 on his campaign.

The five political committees accounted for about $60,484 of the contributions in this reporting period and for about $116,551 of the total so far in the campaign.

The 1,000 Friends of Prescott, which is working against the Reasonable Growth initiative that would add more restrictions to city annexation, collected a total of $34,880 in contributions in this reporting period and a total of $49,939 in the campaign so far. Its major contributors included:

• $15,000 from the Prescott Local Realtor's Issues Mobilization Committee of Phoenix; $1,500 from land owner AZ Land & Ranches; $1,000 from developers Land Cor Group, LLC; $1,000 from bus line owner Stephen Silvernale;

• $500 from consultant R. Howes Consulting; $300 from dentist Taylor Hicks; $250 from Scottsdale landowner Douglas Patterson; $250 from housewife Patti Froetscher; $250 from landowner Gary Sumner; and $250 from Chino Valley rancher Jasper Wilkinson.

The 1,000 Friends group also received an in-kind contribution of $12,950 from the Realtor's Issues Mobilization Committee of the AZ Association of Realtors of Phoenix for telephone banking services.

In addition, the organization listed two debts and obligations ­ $3,645 for legal fees from attorney Lisa Hauser of Phoenix (the form noted that the group received the invoice for that debt on Oct. 24 and paid it on Oct. 25.) and $2,727 to Insty Prints for a mailer (invoice received and paid on Oct. 24).

Other major expenditures for 1,000 Friends of Prescott included:

• $3,000 to Insty Prints for mailers; $1,948 to AZ Highway Safety Specialists for road signs; $2,572 to The Daily Courier for advertising; $5,159 to Cable One for advertising; $1,277 to KYCA for radio advertising and $592 to Joe Davidson Graphic Design for design and photo services.

The Responsible Leadership of Prescott, which is working toward the re-election of incumbents Mayor Rowle Simmons and council members Bob Roecker, Bob Bell and John Steward, collected $14,120 during this reporting period and a total of $37,299 in the campaign so far. Its major contributors in this round included:

• $5,000 from Realtors of AZ of Phoenix; $1,480 from bus line owner Stephen Silvernale; $1,000 from Margo Knight, owner of Phoenix-based Community Southwest company; $1,000 from Dennis Knight, CEO of Community Southwest of Phoenix; $750 from Scottsdale land owner Douglas Patterson;

• $500 from Jenny Knight, project manager for Phoenix-based Community Southwest; $500 from builder Roark Lewis; $500 from Realtor R.E. Mitchell; $500 from Humboldt landowner J.B. Jordan; $500 from Dewey Realtor Julie Conner; $370 from radio station owner Terry Cohen; $370 from radio station owner Lou Silverstein; $250 from Chino Valley rancher Jasper Wilkinson and $250 from land owner Gary Sumner.

The group also reported a $3,870 debt or obligation to attorney Lisa Hauser for legal fees, which it reported as paid on Oct. 25. Other expenditures included: $3,590 and $2,000 for printing for the four incumbents and $2,000 to The Daily Courier for advertisements for the incumbents.

The Citizens for Reasonable Growth, which is advocating Proposition 400, reported collections of $5,780 in this reporting round and a total of $19,176 so far in the campaign.

The group's major contributions were: $1,300 from Stand Up Prescott, another political committee; a $1,000 loan from Prescott resident Betty Lawrence; $519 from physician Kelly Sutton and the 69 Corridor Concerned Citizens, which gave $250 in this reporting round.

The group also reported 23 contributions of less than $200 from a variety of residents, including 14 retirees, a writer, a secretary and a teacher. In-kind contributions included $750 from Charles Young for voice-overs for television ads and $518 from Kerry Wilson for production of video advertising and Web site development.

Major expenditures of Citizens for Reasonable Growth included: $2,999 to Cable One for television spots and $1,195 to Prescott Newspapers Inc., for advertising.

The Prescott Chamber of Commerce also filed as a political committee in this reporting round, disclosing a budget of $4,000, and expenditures of $2,871. The expenses were for Cable One advertisements and KPPV, Yavapai Broadcasting, KAHM and KNOT radio advertising.

Stand Up Prescott, another political committee, reported receiving no contributions during the reporting period but spent $1,311 from cash the group had on hand. The main expenditure was for $1,300 to the Citizens for Reasonable Growth.

The seven candidates also had an active campaign period, gathering about $14,350 and spending $21,047. (Most had cash-on-hand at the start of the pre-general election reporting period).

Incumbent Mayor Rowle Simmons reported the most contributions in this round, receiving $3,795 and spending $5,242. His major contributions were:

• $370 from Realtor Tony Karcic, Realtor Irene Gifford, Realtor Don Karcic, Prescott Valley Realtor Deborah Williams, Stephen Silvernale of the Prescott Transit Authority and attorney James Musgrove.

• $350 from Sedona retiree David Blaunt; $250 from Realtor Duane Groce; $250 from contractor John Benson; $200 from homemaker Patti Froetscher and $200 John Blocker of the Door and Window Store.

Simmons' main expenditures were: $2,055 to Prescott Newspapers Inc. for advertising; $842 to the U.S. Postmaster for mailing; $712 to KPPV Radio for advertising and $1,500 to KAHM Radio for advertising.

Simmons' mayoral opponent Lindsay Bell received $1,179 in contributions this reporting period but reported no expenditures.

Her major contributions were: $370 from retiree Elizabeth Wilson and $370 from retiree Carol Cody.

Of the candidates running for three seats on the City Council, Howard Mechanic reported spending the most money, at $6,051. Mechanic's report showed that his campaign took in $4,100 during this reporting round, $4,000 of which came from a loan from the candidate.

Mechanic's main expenditures were for postage, cable television advertising and printing.

Other candidates' campaigns:

• Bob Roecker reported receipts of $2,050 during this reporting round. His major contributions were: $370 from businessman Stephen Silvernale, attorney James Musgrove, homemaker Carey Behel, radio station owner Sanford Cohen and retiree Ron Busse and $200 from radio station owner Lou Silverstein.

Roecker spent $3,250, including for radio advertising and $1,606 for newspaper ads.

• Robert Behnke reported receipts of $1,461 and expenditures of $2,380 during the most recent reporting period. His major contributions ­ of $400, $500 and $441 ­ came from himself. He spent his money on radio and newspaper ads.

• Bob Bell reported receipts of $1,240 and expenditures of $3,175 this reporting round. His major contributors were attorney James Musgrove and consultant Carol Chamberlain, each of whom gave $370. He also received $250 from Realtors Jo and Mallory Jackson. Bell spent his money on radio and newspaper ads.

• Robert Luzius reported receipts of $525 and disbursements of $949. His major contributor was retiree James Colligen, who gave $200. Luzius spent his money on copies, envelopes, sign posts and a television ad.

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