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Tue, Nov. 19

Happy Mother's Day

PRESCOTT -- To third-grade students at Taylor Hicks Elementary, their mothers mean comfort and cooking, fun and laughter.

And to the mothers who attended the third graders' Mother's Day Tea Friday, the celebration meant lots of Kleenex, a little laughing and some punch and cookies.

"My mom is so fantastic I would give her 3,000 roses," Monte Bryce said when reading his Mother's Day essay aloud. "I would do all the chores in the universe for her."

Teachers Libby Sluder and Lisa Hays invited their students' mothers to class for an hour and a half Friday afternoon. Students had created gifts for their mothers and read essays to them before or after they ate cookies and drank punch.

Some of the mothers in Sluder's class cried even when children other than their own read the "What My Mother Means to Me" essays.

Steven Clutska referred to his mom's "blond hair and beautiful green eyes" and Aubree Dagilis said, "she teaches me how to cook and she cooks a delicious dinner every night."

"She teaches me to be good and respectful of others and to do my best," Michael Jacobs said. "When I think of my mom, I think of a pretty face with a happy smile."

Katie Bradstreet said her mom is an English teacher.

"When it's my birthday she throws exciting parties," she said. "At night she reads to me and tucks me in."

Sara Semprun said, "My mom is the best mom in the world. I like being together."

"My mom teaches me new things like math and baking and other fun stuff," Jeffrey Malone said. "She plays with me and protects me. She loves me no matter what."

Hope Tuma said, "My mom and I are very, very close. When I grow up I want to be just like her."

"My mom is always there for me when I need help," Derrick Hicks said. "She always tries to make me happy."

Haylie Smith said, "My mom takes me places I never dreamed of going, like Omaha. She's my hero."

"I know she loves me because she smiles when she sees me," Jake Mauk said of his mother.

Morgan Hayter said, "She takes me shopping, only when I'm good."

"My mom is absolutely the greatest mom in the whole entire world," Ian Welch said. "She does so much for me and that's why I love her."

"The best thing I love about my mom," Michelle Jenkins said, "is that she takes me places. If I had $100, I would give it all to my mom."

Cooper Allen said his mom "loves to go with me to the store and talk to me."

"I can tell all my troubles to my mom because she listens to me," Anna Hull said.

Kylee Devendorf said, "My mom reminds me of meadows with beautiful flowers because she's beautiful."

"My mom is nice all the time," Michaella Martinez said. "I love my mom to pieces."

Tyler Sousa said he likes to have pillow fights with his mom.

"We chase each other around and laugh," he said. "We love to be outside together."

Andrew Schaffner said, "My mom is the best mom on earth and beyond. She has a lovely face. She loves books so much that if she had a million dollars she'd spend it all on books."

Itzhary Zavala said, "There is no greater mom than my mom."

She said her mom taught her to dance when she was a baby and "works hard at her job and at home."

"I think of my mom as an angel," Preston Lemke said. "When I think of my mom I think of heaven."

"My mom is the person that loves me more than anything," Josh Lawson said. "She loves me more than clothes, more than shop-ping and more than flowers."

Blake Goodloe said, "My mom has never left my side and I am proud of that."

Sluder said the third graders in her class and in Hays' class entered The Daily Courier's essay contest but the teachers wanted each student to have the opportunity to read his or her essay and wanted the mothers to have the opportunity to hear them.

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