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1:03 AM Thu, Nov. 15th

It's time for feds to uphold laws

Here's how bad things really are in America as far as your security is concerned. Ebner Anibal Rivera-Paz is a hard-core gangster from Honduras. In the past four years, authorities have arrested him eight times in California and federal officials have deported him four times. Four times!

Police agencies say Rivera-Paz sold drugs, stole cars, assaulted people and may have even murdered 28 people in a Honduras bombing. Finally, after causing pain in this country for 12 years, the guy is now detained in a Texas prison, but it is likely they'll deport him once again.

The reason Rivera-Paz and thousands of other criminal illegal aliens get to hurt Americans time after time after time is that the federal government will not stop illegal border crossings, and places such as Los Angeles, where Rivera-Paz wreaked much havoc, are "sanctuary cities" that will not allow local authorities to report illegal aliens to the feds. City officials in Houston, Chicago, Denver and New York City actually forbid any local inquiry of immigration status.

We hear all kinds of rationalizations and excuses for the failure to protect Americans from illegal alien criminals, but they all become hollow PC madness when real people are hurt or killed. All but one of the 9/11 killers were here illegally; so was sniper mass murderer John Lee Malvo; and last week the feds rounded up more than 100 members of the violent Central American gang MS-13, almost all of them illegal aliens.

This past November, Americans had two choices for President: Bush or Kerry. Neither man even faked it as far as the border was concerned. Both said they would beef up the Border Patrol but do little else. Both men know the Border Patrol alone cannot stop the illegal alien invasion. But Bush and Kerry said no when asked if they would allow U.S. troops to assist the Border Patrol. So, in effect, both men put politics over public safety because they knew the border chaos would continue.

The "do little" strategy worked for President Bush, who won re-election largely because 9 percent more Hispanic Americans voted for him than did in 2000. The Republican plan of wooing Hispanics was very effective. A crackdown on the southern border would have derailed that strategy because the anti-Bush media would have played it as bias against Mexicans.

Immigrant bashing is an ugly thing. But demanding that U.S. authorities enforce laws already on the books is not bashing anyone. Two months ago, President Bush swore to uphold the laws of the land. It is time he did.

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