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Sun, Oct. 13

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Veterans have earned

this burial privilege


In 1974 President Nixon resigns. The Vietnam War ends the next year. And the VA Cemetery in Prescott is full and closes.

For the VA, city, county and state to ignore this problem for 31 years is an insult to all veterans and active-duty military.

The only change in 31 years is that now there are future plans for a columbarium. But what about veterans who don't want cremation and placement in a niche?

Veterans in this community, who have honorably served their country and those who died on active duty, fighting our wars, deserve (and have earned the right) to rest in a national cemetery.

Now, they can choose burial more than 100 miles away, in Phoenix, or a local cemetery. Phoenix is a long drive for loved ones. Burial in a local cemetery denies them the right their service earned, burial in a national cemetery with their fellow veterans.

I realize that expanding the present VA cemetery is impossible because of its location, but why not consider having an annex at another location in the tri-cities – a location that has room to expand and fulfill the burial needs for our area veterans?

What about using donated "green space" land? What a great dual use honoring our veterans! Or, failing to expand or move the national cemetery, have an Arizona Veterans Memorial Cemetery, which later could become a national cemetery?

With Young's Farm moving, I wonder if the tri-cities, county, state or federal government have any land to trade for this purpose?

Sen. McCain, Rep. Renzi, Gov. Napolitano, city and county officials, are you listening?

Michael Madden


Herron's figures on

S.S. get a going-over


Al Herron has made a huge mistake in describing the Social Security personal account President Bush proposed in his State of the Union address.

Mr. Herron has mistaken the basis of the 4 percent investment. He believes that Bush proposed to place 4 percent of the present 12.4 percent FICA deduction into the personal account. That would be only 0.004 times 0.124 = 0.00496, or about one-half of 1 percent of taxable earnings. For Mr. Herron's hypothetical teacher earning $32,000 per year that would amount to only $160 per year.

Actually, President Bush said to "allow for all workers to set aside 4 percentage points of the payroll taxes in their accounts."

Thus, of the 12.4 percent (percentage points) the government currently deducts, 4 percentage points would go to the personal account. This is about one-third personal and two-thirds government. For Mr. Herron's teacher that is $1,280 per year, not $160. The other 8.4 percent ($2,688) would go into the government account.

Now, no one knows today if, and in what form, Social Security reform will end up as law.

But Mr. Herron's false information does a great disservice to your readers. This issue already is getting too much spin.

Donald L. Knittle


Coverage ignored PV

eco prosperity group


Your Feb. 2 headline said that PV businessmen were out to stop Councilman Steele. Your article said we had formed a political committee to accomplish the same goal. You didn't interview any members of our committee – The Prescott Valley Economic Prosperity Committee.

A broad range of community members formed this committee not to oppose any candidate but rather to endorse a platform of controlled, managed, and healthy economic growth, quality education, and quality health care.

Stephen M. Rutherford


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