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Tue, March 26

Remember: A dog’s dietary needs differ from human needs

Q: Is it OK to feed Pete (my very picky Boston terrier) a jar of human baby food to coax him to eat more?

A. Adding a whole jar of pureed meat to your terrier’s dog food could create a nutrient imbalance long-term because dogs have different nutritional needs than humans.

If you mix a dollop or two into his regular dog chow, and it helps him enjoy a “gourmet” meal, go for it.

BUT, draw the line if picky Pete requests some wine to wash down his fancy dinner.

Q. I have a cocker-mix about 7 months old that is really being difficult to house-break.

She will be outside for a while, and then comes inside “to do her thing.” Any suggestions?

A. First, never give her the opportunity to go in the house.

You may have to set aside several days to take her out every two hours during the day, but this will ensure she has plenty of opportunity to go outside – not inside.

You should confine her to a small area whenever she is inside – an appropriately sized animal crate may provide her “space” she won’t soil.

Whenever you catch her in the act, issue a sharp “No!” and immediately take her outside.

Act like going outside is great fun.

Encouraging activity increases the likelihood of urinating or defecating. If she relieves herself outside, praise her and reward her with a treat.

Sometimes pets that were “paper trained” revert to going inside.

Many pet owners have had success with putting the newspaper outside until the dog re-associates the outside with a “bathroom break”.

Gradually shrink the size of the paper until the dog no longer depends on it for association.

Don’t line the crate with paper, as it gives a mixed message.

It been a bit chilly lately and some dogs dislike cooler temperatures. You might put a patio table near the door to shield your pet from rain.

As soon as she is finished, reward her with praise and a treat and take her back into the warm house.


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