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Sat, March 23

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County officials' role

isn't as presenters


Thank you for your timely coverage of the proposed convenience store at the corner of Williamson Valley and Outer Loop roads.

I attended developer John Hunt's public information meeting at the firehouse and was very disappointed. Essentially doing the presentation were two Yavapai County elected officials, outgoing Supervisor Gheral Brownlow and incoming Assessor Victor Hambrick. I daresay the timing of the Nov. 4 meeting was to insure Hambrick's election. To have scheduled the meeting prior to the primary would have guaranteed his defeat.

I am not shocked at Brownlow's conflict of interest … he's on his way out. But, I heard one woman in the audience say, "Is it too soon to start a recall petition for Hambrick?". No, it's not. It's outrageous that county officials would be presenting a developer's plan to the public.

Susan Paluszcyk


One 20-year term

would fix problem


Few people will dispute that politics is a bad business. Politicians generally will say whatever it takes to get re-elected. They have obligations to the money interests that support their campaigns.

Political campaigns are little more than meaningless sound bites to impress more than inform. The press is, and always has been, negligent in holding politicians accountable for their words or records. News/talk/politics shows are simply a vehicle for presentation of political spin – which bears little in common with truth.

 I could go on, but most of us understand the problem.  The tragedy is that we won't do something about it. It's apparently human nature to ignore a difficulty. This means that an undesirable situation must usually reach a crisis stage before we resolve it.

 I have learned that virtually all problems have solutions, and most of them actually have simple solutions. We just have to want to apply the fix. And that, of course, is the biggest difficulty.

My fix for self-serving politicians in Congress is to elect them to a single 20-year term (and pro-rate their retirement benefits based on how long they actually stay in office). This would eliminate most of the influence from moneymen who expect (and receive) quid pro quo for their backing. Why would they give money to get Joe Politician elected when he will have no need for them again?

It would reduce the amount of worthless politicking needed to get elected… and completely eliminate wasteful re-electioneering. It would give politicians more time to be spent on doing the real business of Congress.

Knowing that you could easily be recalled would provide a great incentive for doing the public's work.

Kip Koehler


They answered the

ballot-casting call


I was never so proud of America than watching our fellow citizens on TV standing for hours, some in rain and cold, to cast their ballots. Those who show up determine elections. Those who show up run governments.

The freedom to vote for candidates, the process, is more important than the outcome every few years. God bless America.

Andy Boquet


Christian 'crusading'

doesn't justify war


Nov. 5 brought yet another Christian to light in the Courier who appears to believe that Jesus approves the war with Iraq.

And John Jacobsen is a pastor. Regardless of whether Jesus thought or thinks war is just dandy, we here on this earth have to deal with the consequences.

The cost of war is high in both human lives and money and I wonder what it is doing to the very "soul" of this country. Are we a peaceful people or are we marauding Christian crusaders who seek to do battle with the Moors and Saracens?

War is bad enough, but when people start justifying it in the name of Jesus, then I think we have gone over the top. Instead of promoting the war, how about we finish our business over there and end it? Let's put down the pitchforks and nooses. We already have succeeded in putting the flame torch to their keep. Being non-Christian is not a crime, it's a freedom, and no war in modern-day America should ever have religious cause.

Edward Powney

Prescott Valley


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