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Thu, Oct. 17

He takes great pride<BR>in his homophobia

OK, let's get this out of the way right off the bat: I am a homophobe and I'm proud to say it.

I was not always that way – homophobes are made, not born. And what has made me a member of the nation's growing homophobic community is this shameful spectacle of gay marriages the homosexual community and the pro-gay media are pushing in our faces.

Recently Pete Knight's son got married to another man. The day before, Jackie Goldberg, a lesbian member of the state Assembly, got married to her lady friend Sharon Stricker in a ceremony presided over by Dobie Gillis' ex-girlfriend, Zelda.

If you give gays their due, and say OK let's agree with you for a moment and say that you are born that way, and even though you are not, we'll give you that for the sake of argument. But what you are trying to do is put gay marriage on the same footing as heterosexual marriages by having mayors and other officials openly break the law.

So today, because homosexuals say they are born gay and have the right to be married just as those who were born heterosexuals, my children and my grandchildren and the rest of the nation's children in the future will grow up in a society where they will have the choice between gay and straight marriage, both on an equal plane.

What that says is that one will not have to be "born" gay to marry into a gay lifestyle. Listen, you can take this to the bank – in the future people will tease our children by asking them before they marry their girlfriends or boyfriends if they have ever tried gay sex. Have they ever tried to see what it was like, just one time?

The moment that a child goes along and tries gay sex, it changes him or her forever. From that moment forward the homosexual community owns them lock, stock and barrel.

Even today, in schools across the nation, our children hear assurance that homosexuality is as normal as heterosexuality and the message the children get is that gay sex therefore is also normal. Given children's natural curiosity this is the same as telling them, "Try it, you might like it."

I am homophobic because gays are scaring the hell out of me with what they are doing to this nation and what they will be doing to our children who though not born gay will be made to feel guilty unless they try gay sex at least one time.

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