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Thu, Feb. 27

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River basin group wants public lands left alone


The validity and success of the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) innovative public collaborative planning process hinges upon the number one issue as stated by the people – removing the lands in the Upper Agua Fria River Basin (Dewey, Humboldt and Mayer areas) from the disposal list and retaining them as public lands.

It is time for the BLM to show the public that they have listened. It has been over three months since the agency received input from the public concerning the formulation of the preferred alternative in the Bradshaw-Harquahala Land Use Plan. This preferred alternative, once completed, will determine the future of our public lands.

Hundreds and hundreds of concerned citizens are waiting to see if the BLM has truly listened to the people. Will the BLM finally remove our public lands in the Upper Agua Fria River Basin from their disposal list? Will the preferred alternative reflect the will of the people – to retain our public lands for open space and multiple use?

The success or failure of the BLM's collaborative planning and partnership effort for the Bradshaw-Harquahala Land Use Plan will be determined by their choice of the preferred alternative. If the land use plan supports the will of the people it will be a model for future land use plans all across the western United States.

Peggy Titus, Friends of the Agua Fria River Basin


Bank One a safe, nice addition to community


What a big improvement Bank One has made in the community with a new bank.  I now feel safe while using the ATM.  No one can walk behind you. I feel like I am protected on all sides. 

Thanks, Bank One, for a nice addition to our town of Chino Valley.

Robert L. Killion

Chino Valley

Sheriff says 'No special treatment for sheriff candidates'


Kathleen Chaney's letter (in the Daily Courier) "Did Sheriff give special treatment?" suggesting preferential treatment deserves a response.

On June 16, 2003 the public and media were invited to attend a "Volunteer Recognition and Open House" at the new Verde Detention facility. This recognized over 1,000 individuals for 55,836 of donated time at a value of 1,130,748.00 to the taxpayers in 2002.

This event was very well publicized, attended by more than 200 individuals and included a tour of the new jail under construction and as such is still owned by the contractor requiring considerable negotiation to satisfy liability and delay issues. Chief "Bob" Irish attended. Mr. Steve Waugh did not.

Mr. Waugh has since asked for a "tour" and was refused. He had his chance and will not be given special consideration, which would impede the construction still ongoing and affect daily operations as well.

Ms. Chaney is correct on one point. As the ONLY candidate who has been and is currently Arizona Peace Officer certified, the ONLY candidate who has been the head of a law enforcement agency, "home grown" in the Verde Valley and of the integrity we must have, I do support Chief "Bob" Irish for Sheriff in 2004.

G.C. "Buck" Buchanan

Yavapai County Sheriff

Video store issue censorship of public rights


I am appalled at the petition for removing select DVD/videos from the Movie Gallery in Chino Valley. I am even more dismayed that the Chino Valley Town Council would even consider hearing the petition.

What has happened to the rights of the people? Of all people? If each individual who signed the petition is adamant that certain movies be pulled from the shelves at the Movie Gallery, thereby their children would not be exposed to material they deem inappropriate, they should not patronize the Movie Gallery. Or do not bring your children in their store. Period.

Why should my right to rent the movies in question be deemed inconsequential to the rights of those parents who signed the petition?

And as a business owner myself, I am concerned for the owners of the Movie Gallery. Their business will suffer. If they do not have a vast selection of movies, movies that appeal to all tastes, including the movies that are described as improper for their children to view the jackets of, the Movie Gallery will lose their customers. Does the rights of the select few that signed the petition preclude the rights of a business owner to offer such movies to rent, or the rights of the public to rent such movies? Why?

Where will this end? Will the magazines at Safeway be next? The magazine covers clearly displayed in the isles and checkout stands of Safeway are just as provocative as most DVD/video covers.

If the Chino Valley Town Council votes in favor of the select few, this will set a precedent. A scary precedent.

Julie Thompson

Chino Valley

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