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Thu, Oct. 17

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Let's shift emphasis

to adult stem cells


On May 31, Al Herron advocated embryonic stem cell research. He said nothing about adult stem cell research. Adult stem cells are present in everyone, easy to obtain, and far less controversial.

Some headlines: New York Times, March 2003: "U.S. doctors use bone marrow stem cells to repair a heart." "New Scientist," April 2003, "Adult Stem Cells Tackle Multiple Sclerosis." The BBC, August 2003, reported "A blind man in California can see, after being given an adult stem cell transplant."

"Science" reports that adult stem cells from the brain can grow into a wide variety of organs: heart, lung, intestine, kidney, liver, nervous system, muscle and other tissues. Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai reports a reversal of symptoms in the first Parkinson's patient treated using the patient's own adult neural stem cells, in 2002, and "Nature" reports that adult stem cells from bone marrow can form all body tissues.

In 2001, "Neurology" reported that patients' own bone marrow stem cells can treat severe multiple sclerosis! So why advocate embryonic research? The creation of life is God's business, but some scientists can't resist tinkering with it. In 1976, Rudolf Jaenisch of the Salk Institute injected human DNA into fertilized mouse eggs. Offspring inherit the human genetic material – part mouse, part man. That's animal cruelty.

In March, The Washington Post cited potential threats to the women who donate eggs for cloning: "risks include hot flashes, headaches, sleeplessness, mood alteration, ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome, nausea, vomiting, pain, bleeding and infection…"

Nations banning creation of human embryos for medical experiments include Germany, France and Mexico; creating human clones will send you to jail in Australia, Germany, Norway, Mexico and Canada. The U.S. has not banned such activity, Mr. Herron. Get the facts from

Eleanor Lazok

Prescott Valley

Parents gives thanks

for loving-kindness


On June 8, our 16-year-old son, Jon Russell, was a passenger in a vehicle rollover accident on Bullpen Road in Camp Verde. An airlift took him to John C. Lincoln Hospital in Phoenix with multiple lacerations to his head and arm. He also broke two vertebrae in his neck.

First and foremost, we thank God for sparing Jon's life and that he is not paralyzed. We also want to thank all of the rescue workers and the doctors and staff at the hospital for the great care that Jon received.

We thank all of our family and friends, Jon's multitude of friends, his coworkers at Subway and Spirit, and our Prescott Valley Church of the Nazarene family for all the love, support, prayers and gifts during a very difficult time.

And a special thank you to Jon's girlfriend, Jennifer Evans, for being by his side from the beginning. She was at the accident scene and crawled through the broken windshield to be with him until help arrived. She made that very difficult call to us and continued to keep us informed on our drive to Phoenix. She was with him every day at the hospital and now at home. Jon has a long recovery ahead and we are thankful he has so many wonderful friends.

Please, everyone, drive safely! Lives are much too precious to be lost or in this case changed forever in the blink of an eye. God bless you all.

Tom and Joyce Russell

Prescott Valley

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