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Mon, March 25

A new meaning to playing 'house'

My life is about to take a hectic turn.

This afternoon, our realtor is scheduled to hand over the keys to our new home in Prescott Valley.

It's not the first time I've traveled this particular road. Four years ago, after much arm-twisting, I persuaded my wife to buy a home on the outskirts of Provo, Utah.

Three months later we moved to San Diego courtesy of my career, and for the next three years my wife cursed my name if I even glanced at a "For Sale" sign.

This time around, the idea to buy came from my wife who, to my surprise, seemed eager to bury some roots here in the high Arizona desert.

Of course, since it was my wife's plan to purchase a home this go-around, I had to play by her rules. Which means that I've received quite an education on the proper way to set up a new home.

For instance, I learned hardwood floors are a basic necessity, but a new big-screen television is not.

I learned that when I was asked to offer my color preference for the carpet in the master bedroom, saying, "how about a nice shade of aqua that will match my Miami Dolphins jersey?" was not an acceptable response.

I learned that the garage will be used for parking vehicles, not storing junk, and yes, my collection of T-shirts dating back to the late-1980s is indeed junk.

I learned we do have to put a bed in the third bedroom, which means my in-laws won't be staying in a motel when they visit next month.

I learned that, no, we can't just put the baby's crib in the walk-in closet and turn that bedroom into an arcade.

I learned that installing an in-ground basketball hoop is not a sufficient response to the request to put in a yard.

I learned labeling your packed boxes with a catchy phrase such as "dirty underwear I found under the bed" isn't good enough. Instead, you must use color-coded labels so you'll know exactly which room each box goes in.

I learned my 13-month-old daughter has a penchant for removing these colorful labels when we're not looking, which means I will be completely lost for the next couple of days.

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