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Tue, April 23

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Cyclists share same

rights as motorists


How about a refresher on Driver Education?

Arizona State traffic law states: A cyclist enjoys the exact same rights and responsibilities as all other vehicles on the road, including the right to operate within the entire lane, from the center line all the way over to the white line at the side of the road. A cyclist must share the lane with a passing vehicle only where the lane is wide enough to allow a motor vehicle and a bicycle to operate safely side-by-side with a minimum of three feet between them.

Only a very few lanes that wide exist in Prescott or any other city in the nation.

The road shoulder does not constitute a bike lane. Under no circumstances should a vehicle, motorized or otherwise, operate on the shoulder. This is primarily the result of such hazards as gravel, glass, tree limbs, pedestrians and parked vehicles. Even so, I personally will ride on the shoulder when I think it is safe, not out of obligation but courtesy.

If a cyclist is riding in the center of the lane, it is because they think it is unsafe for a vehicle to try to pass them. Remember that cyclists have their life on the line, while a motorist has nothing to lose but a few seconds.

Realize that a cyclist has nothing to gain by "hogging" the lane and everything to lose by encouraging a careless motorist to squeeze by unsafely.

The obvious solution is incorporating bike lanes into new road designs.

For the record, I would estimate that out of every 10 motorists that pass me, nine of them do so safely and courteously. This is for that tenth driver.

Gregory Ooley


Martha got off

much too lightly


I am outraged at the lack of punishment Martha Stuart received. Where is the deterrent for others not to break the same laws? I would stand on my head under water for five months if I could make the kind of profit she has. Just do the math – $30,000 fine versus the million she made off the illegal stock transactions, and five months in a federal prison-resort of her own choice. Yea, she didn't receive any special treatment! Oh yeah, she does have to spend five more torturous months in her personal palace. Poor thing!

I know of a man in Texas who spent six months in jail for taking one flower from a floral business, which the sheriff owned. Justice is blind, and sometimes deaf and dumb!

Tom H. Smith


Housing's simply not

affordable for too many


"Affordable housing" sounds like the editor is picking out a certain group of people and leaving out the ones who really need affordable housing.

I am not against needed public services. But people working in the public service sector make twice the money than do everyday laboring people with a family who are working for minimum wages or $10 an hour.

The mechanics, technicians and retail clerks who make enough money to pay for a home do so a lot easier than those I mentioned above do. Have you taken your car lately to have it worked on? Or, have you had to call a technician to come to your home to work on your computer? Or better yet, what can you buy on a layman's wage at the store? I wonder what the editor of this article is making?

Daniel Mardis

Prescott Valley

New city bill does

reader's heart proud


I am sure that I am not the only one who got the new, adjusted monthly city bill.

It makes a person proud to know that the extra seven dollars is going to help provide water for the Storm Ranch development.

Leon Coleman



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