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Wed, July 17

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Rep. Renzi's record raises some questions


I'm concerned about the record of our congressman, Rick Renzi. His Dec. 10 report to his constituents made no mention of his bill involving the land exchange in Yavapai County that gives a developer prime federal land for some land of dubious value the developer currently owns.

Renzi rushed (HR 2907) through with almost no public comment here in Yavapai County, and it cleared the House before we could give it due consideration! We should have a voice in whether the legislation has merit, and I wonder why no one kept us informed.

Then, I read in an ad in the Courier that Renzi voted against UNESCO funds. This, too, is disturbing to me, a public school teacher who believes that UNESCO benefits the world's children. Renzi's record so far does not impress me with his commitment to values of fairness and compassion.

Elaine Greensmith



Where's the stories about the good we do?


What's wrong with a positive report? Reading the Courier and listening to the radio and TV causes me to wonder whatever happened to the good guy, bad guy?

Reporters seem to twist the facts to where our soldiers are bad and the terrorists are good; the police are bad and the criminals are good.

We need more talk show hosts like Daiton Rutkowski. When you listen to his program, he always states, "this is my opinion," and if he later finds he's wrong, he will eat crow and clarify the report.

I feel sorry for the Courier because it is a relay station for national news that is so leftist. Vietnam is a good example – the soldiers could have won quickly, but the news media influenced politics and public opinion so badly that it became a quagmire.

Col. Oliver North's book and the Marine commanding officer at MWSS-171 tell of the compassion and accomplishments our soldiers have provided for Iraq. No one ever gets that story in the general news media. Whatever happened to a United States that encourages us to do our best and is truthful?

Thomas Dellinger


Increase minimum wage, decrease work


According to a recent Cato Institute study, fewer than 20 percent of minimum wage workers (usually people starting out) have a family of four (definition of living wage), to support on one paycheck. The liberals' "living wage" is really a new minimum wage requiring much higher pay rates that the federal minimum wage law.

Most studies of minimum wage laws in other countries show that artificially hiked rates (1) result in fewer people being employed, and (2) cause unemployment increases for lower skilled and minority workers.

People in minimum wage jobs don't stay at the minimum wage. Their paycheck increases an average of 30 percent in just their first year of employment, according to the Cato Institute study. For many, their income rises steadily throughout their life.

So, what happens to jobs when government raises wages artificially while job qualifications remain the same? You can answer that question if you demand that your boss triple your salary tomorrow.

And, of course, the little secret about the "living wage" is that unions regard any minimum wage increase as a baseline on which they base new wage demands. They are happy to see higher and higher "living wages"… more for their members with no additional work, more for union coffers, more for liberal politicians' contributions.

They'll pass along those costs to you (higher prices) while American jobs continue to disappear to other countries more friendly to business (try to find a TV or VCR made in the U.S).

Liberals love to demand "social justice" for others, at other's expense. They're so intent on feeling good about themselves for their good intentions that they miss the point: people having and retaining jobs is more important than trying to impose equality of outcome.

Len Salonsky


Drivers should slow down, save a life


This is a statement to all tri-city drivers, ages 16 to 115.

Tailgating and other rude and irresponsible actions by drivers in our area should cease, for everyone's good, as should driving 15-25 miles over the posted legal speed limit.

Seldom do I ever see a law officer of any kind (city, county or state) anywhere. Highways 69 and 89 are very bad for illegal behavior by lots of people. Are people really in that big a hurry? It may be that the auto sales commercials on TV with all the revving and speeding contribute to poor driving.

Try growing up folks! It might save a life or more and help cut down on road rage.

Ray Wilson


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