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Mon, June 24

It's off to the races for a prize greater than roses – freedom

It might seem preferable to wait until October or November to talk about the presidential race. However what's at stake here is not a string of roses but rather a safe and free country.

A new day and a new opinion drifts down from the Democratic party's second-hand smoke that it did not deeply inhale. It leaves behind the party's garbled, shifting comments that sound like; "Yes, we should not capture criminals like Saddam who maybe have not made our country all the less, more safer ... check with me tomorrow after the poll that says ... I mean free Tibet, not Iraq."

On it seems to go... "Those dead people that Saddam killed cannot speak for themselves - maybe they were ready to die. You know, assisted suicide, partial birth and partial right to life, or well, you know, Bush is just so darned faithful to his faith. It just seems dangerous to want to give freedom to another country and let them establish a democratic government. There are billions to spend finding puddles on Mars, so why spend billions on helping people across the Atlantic? And why should we secure future sales of oil to the U.S. and other countries. We can do just fine in the winter sitting next to a picture of a Hollywood square that was photographed in the sunshine. You know the stars know what's best for us - or they wouldn't be stars, they would just be gas."

There are some wonderful, caring Democrats, who have remained thus, I believe, because they have a long line of family tradition. Looking past the humor and their humanness, however, it's outrageously dangerous to imagine a power shift to a politician who cannot add up the evidence. Sept. 11, plus Saddam, plus communications with Arab leaders, plus money, equaling American deaths, trained enemy pilots, cell groups, intercepted death plots from the Internet, etc… Those in the know do not wish they could prove that Sept. 11 was the only violent attack planned, if President Bush hadn't implemented a counterassault.

Hindsight is great, but do we really want to look back in history at a compilation of records stating - What Dean didn't do to preserve and protect America and its freedom? Consider his words, "We must make it clear that the capture of one truly bad man cannot mean the president ... can declare victory in the war on terror." What does he want to start with, capturing one good man? It looks like it, since he wants to oust President Bush. The slurry of criticism from Democrats during a national crisis would have been outright treason 50 years ago.

Democrats who tout that we are not any safer with Saddam detained, cannot see the forest for the trees. A rancher knows that putting a cow or bull that jumps fences into a pasture of quiet, content cattle is asking them to learn a bad habit.

What part of Libya's decision to give up banned weapons under an international inspection and oversee their destruction makes it a more dangerous world? Is it terrible if Iran follows suit and other countries decide not to threaten us with weapons? What if we can set an example, that countries stay peacefully on their side of the fence. And yes, if they cause an upheaval, we can rope and cull out the bad ones, fix the fence and then leave the good cows in their pasture. Sounds like a plan.

Fortunately, as dawn breaks, the light has a way of revealing truth. In addition to a safer earth, there is more good Republican news. Some responsible media are reporting the declining unemployment rate and strong stock market. The polls are much brighter than the dismal spins that liberal spokespersons try to put on President Bush's ratings. Frank Newport, editor in chief of the Gallup Poll, noted that Bush's job-approval rating in Gallup's Dec. 5-7 poll rose to 55 percent.

A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll showed 62 percent of Americans now believe the Iraq war has made the U.S. more secure, compared with 52 percent in September. And 57 percent now believe the capture will make the war on terror easier to win.

There are also enlightening interviews on C-span and the 700 Club news, (Channel 7 at 8 a.m.) that don't appear other media coverage. They reveal elated Iraq citizens who agree that being safe from a murderous leader and his sons, having clean water, and freedom is wonderful. You can also see supportive Americans who believe that President Bush is running a good race.

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