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Tue, Aug. 20

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Roadside experience shows locals' quality


Shortly before Christmas, I drove to New Mexico via your city and Sedona. Just before Wilhoit, my van died. Now, I'm a 76-year-old widow .

I walked over to the grocery store and the attendant phoned her boss, Mike. By the time he arrived, DPS had found my van beside the road. The two men did some cursory trouble-shooting and agreed that I'd need a tow. DPS called for a truck and Mike insisted on staying by my van until towing arrived.

"Dave" the driver for Rapid Towing, Prescott Autobody Towing, asked where I wanted him to take the van. When I said I had no idea, he said, "We'll go to Jim's Auto Clinic. They have good diagnostic equipment."

The shop told me, "We'll call you in the morning and we'll have you on your way tomorrow." They even called my friends in Sedona to come pick me up.

Dave showed me a good restaurant across the street where I could wait. Giving me his card, he said, "Now, here's my cell phone number. If anything happens and they don't show up, you call me. I live just down the road."

The next morning, as promised, my van was ready and prices were all within reason.

I've always had faith in the goodness of humankind, but these experiences in your beautiful city have made me more sure than ever that there are a lot of good people and many of them live in Prescott!

Bette De Leon

Loma Linda, Calif.

Is old Fry's lot now a salvage yard?


I wonder what is going on at the old Fry's location on west Gurley. I understand why people leave cars in the parking lot for days or weeks at a time while their owners go to Phoenix for airline flights.

But I do not understand why abandoned, trashed cars remain on the lot. A red Toyota sedan with broken glass and no rims or tires is sitting near the car wash. The other abandoned car is a Ford LTD. with broken windows and three flat tires. It is in front of the old Fry's market. Both cars have been in the lot for several months.

Do they have a special permit to run a salvage yard or doesn't anyone care about the West Gurley neighborhood?

Warren Burdine


Local authorities have a problem with gays


What's up with Prescott?

I moved here to settle with a woman I've known for 17 years. She has lived here for 13years. I am a lesbian, very out and proud. I started work right away as a plumber for a wonderful company. A policeman pulled me over in a work truck for going too slow, after I had just pulled out of the shop. The officer said he smelled marijuana, then accused me of smoking it. This was not true.

My boss was in the truck before me, and he didn't smell anything. He searched the truck and found nothing. They arrested me, booked me and set bond at $7,500. Thank God my partner got me out 10 hours later. Since it was too late to get  an independent urine analysis, I went the next day; the results were negative. A grand jury indicted me, because the jurors hear only the the officer's story. He went from saying I was smoking marijuana to being drunk (I blew .000), to being a meth user.

Yavapai County has a problem with gays and lesbians. I've heard from many lesbians who say police harassed them. The arresting officer and his partner made obscene gestures when they illegally searched my wallet and found pictures of my partner and daughter.

It's a shame, I would love to spend my life here since I am an Arizona native. When will the harassment  of gays stop? How can someone be indicted for something they didn't do because a policeman doesn't like their sexual orientation. Maybe someone can help me understand why police can almost destroy someone's life. If it weren't for my partner, I would still be in jail and out of a job. It hurts my heart to think others aren't so lucky.

Apryl Guy



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